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This page provides a list of software bugs and small missing features that have been identified as a good way to get involved with an existing Wikimedia project (not only MediaWiki core and its extensions).

This is one way to start getting familiar with the code in Wikimedia projects.

Note that the tasks linked below do not have assigned mentors. You will be mostly "on your own". We recommend to work on software projects with mentors: Check out the list of software projects that we recommend.

No matter which software project you work on, you must have read the Communication tips section to understand workflow and communication expectations.

If you decide to work on MediaWiki core or MediaWiki extensions, you must have read How to become a MediaWiki hacker to understand the infrastructure and workflow.

The following sections describe a few example areas in which you can contribute, but you are not limited to these areas!

If the software project uses Wikimedia Phabricator, the upper right corner of a task shows the project that the problem is located in.

This provides you a hint about the Git repository that the code is located in, and about the development team which you could contact if you want to discuss it in a "broader" way (as comments in bug reports should preferably refer to the specific problem described in the report only).

MediaWiki core and extensions

ويكي بيانات

Wikidata is a centralized knowledge base for structured data, such as interwiki references and statistical information.

Ask your general development questions on the Wikidata mailing list, the #wikidata IRC channel and on the wiki.

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المحرر المرئي

Discovery / Search

Wikimedia Search Platform team builds the path of anonymous discovery to a trusted and relevant source of knowledge.

Ask your general development questions on the Discovery mailing list and on the #wikimedia-discovery IRC channel.

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دليل:أسطح allow users to customize the look and feel of MediaWiki.

Basic knowledge of CSS and PHP is helpful. Check the project page in Phabricator for more information on each skin and contact information.

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قلب ميدياويكي

MediaWiki is the core software which provides basic wiki functionality.

It is complex, written in PHP, and some areas might not have clear maintainership. Ask your general development questions on the wikitech mailing list and the #wikimedia-dev and #mediawiki IRC channels.

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ميدياويكي الدلالي

Semantic MediaWiki is one of the biggest and most popular MediaWiki extensions.

Potential tasks for new contributors

Standalone projects


Pywikibot is a Python-based framework to write bots for MediaWiki.

Ask your general development questions on the Pywikibot mailing list and the #pywikibot IRC channel.

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===تطبيقات الهاتف المحمول===


Huggle is a desktop application for dealing with vandalism on Wikimedia projects, written in C++ and QT.

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Data Engineering

The Data Engineering team empowers and supports data-informed decision making in Wikimedia.

Ask your general development questions on the Analytics mailing list.

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Cross-project areas


These are documentation related tasks across all Wikimedia projects.

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Fixing design bugs or requests requires existing graphics skills working with a Vector graphics application (e.g. Inkscape).

Basic knowledge of CSS can also be helpful for integration. Ask your general development questions on the Design mailing list and the #wikimedia-design IRC channel.

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سلاسل الحروف

Messages displayed in the user interface often need small corrections to the English text. The source text can only be changed in the code by developers, contrary to translations.

Also, many messages are unclear and require better documentation. Missing documentation can also be added by editing the /qqq subpage of the message on, like all translations, but may require some study of the code to understand what a message is for.

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وأخرى كثيرة...

Still not enough ideas? There are more fields you can explore - Wikimedia has hundreds of projects! Check out the complete list of potential tasks for new contributors:

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If you have any trouble or specific questions, please ask for help in one of our support places.

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