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Manual de extensões do MediaWiki
Social Profile
Estado da versão: estável
Implementação Página especial , Banco de dados , Ajax
Descrição Incorpora várias funcionalidades de rede social no Mediawiki para comunidades
Última versão 1.14 (Atualizações contínuas)
MediaWiki 1.39+
Modifica o banco
de dados
Licença GNU GPL (Licença Pública Geral) 2.0 ou superior
Download Template:WikimediaDownload/gerritonly
Exemplo Brickipedia, the LEGO Wiki
  • $wgUserPageChoice
  • $wgUpdateProfileInRecentChanges
  • $wgUploadAvatarInRecentChanges
  • $wgUserProfileDisplay
  • $wgUserProfileThresholds
  • $wgUserLevels
  • $wgNamespacesForEditPoints
  • $wgUserStatsPointValues
  • avatarremove
  • awardsmanage
  • editothersprofiles
  • giftadmin
  • updatepoints
  • userboard-delete
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The SocialProfile extension incorporates a social profile, user board, and basic profile info into MediaWiki, specifically avatars, befriending, foeing, user board, board blast, user levels rank system, awards and gifts. The package also notifies users via email when other users request them as a friend or foe and/or sends them a message.

  • If you use the ExtensionDistributor to download SocialProfile, make sure that you select "master (latest development version)"; older versions are guaranteed to have lots of bugs and they are unmaintained, while master is always up-to-date and contains the newest features and bugfixes!
See social tools' MediaWiki compatibility policy for more info.
  • You can also use git, like so:
git clone https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/mediawiki/extensions/SocialProfile

  • Download the master branch e coloque o(s) arquivo(s) num diretório chamado SocialProfile na sua pasta extensions/.
  • Adicione o seguinte código ao final do seu arquivo LocalSettings.php :
    require_once "$IP/extensions/SocialProfile/SocialProfile.php";
  • Execute o script de atualização que criará automaticamente as tabelas de banco de dados necessárias a essa extensão.
  • The following directories should exist under the wiki's $wgUploadDirectory :
    • avatars/The directory where all user-uploaded avatar images are stored
    • awards/System gift (award) and normal gift images will be stored here
    • Move the directory awards/ from extensions/SocialProfile into the images directory that is used in your MediaWiki installation.

This directory should be writable. The images included in this folder by default can be used for awards if you upload them through Special:SystemGiftManagerLogo, but they won't show up as "defaults" the same way avatar default images do show up.

    • Move the directory avatars from extensions/SocialProfile into the images directory used in your MediaWiki installation.

This directory should be writable.

  • Yes Concluído – Navegue à página Special:Version em sua wiki para verificar se a instalação da extensão foi bem sucedida.

Parser functions

  • {{#avatar:Username}} - retrieves the avatar picture for the specified user.
  • {{#randomuserswithavatars}}
  • {{#newusers}}

User Options

  • echo-subscriptions-web-social-rel (requires Echo extension installed)
  • echo-subscriptions-email-social-rel (requires Echo extension installed)

Configuration variables

$wgUserProfileDisplay['board'] = true;
$wgUserProfileDisplay['foes'] = true;
$wgUserProfileDisplay['friends'] = true;
$wgUserProfileDisplay['avatar'] = true; // If set to false, disables both avatar display and upload
$wgUserBoard = true;
$wgFriendingEnabled = true;
$wgAvatarKey = $wgDBname;
$wgUserPageChoice = true;
$wgUserProfileAvatarsInDiffs = true;

There are some further configuration variables introduced in a later update for wikis that are using an external storage solution for their images (such as Amazon S3 or Swift). SocialProfile needs to be told explicitly to use this external storage for avatars etc., or it will upload them to the local server anyway.

For example, when using S3, you need to explicitly set the backend to S3, the privacy of the file to public, and the file path for avatars:

$wgSocialProfileFileBackend = 'AmazonS3';
$wgAWSRepoZones['avatars'] = [
 'container' => 'avatars',
 'path' => "/avatars",
 'isPublic' => true


  • Upgrading - If you are upgrading from SocialProfile version 1.2 or older, you'll need to create four new database tables manually: gift, system_gift, user_gift, user_system_gift.

If you're upgrading from 1.3, you'll need to create user_system_messages database table.

  • Since r93317, SocialProfile's namespaces are automagically registered, so you do not need to add them to $wgExtraNamespaces .
  • SocialProfile uses either ImageMagick or PHP's built-in GD library (since r93067), depending on which one is available, for creating the resized avatar, award and gift image files.

Reporting bugs