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Social tools/Contributing and reporting bugs

Notice that your language isn't translated at all or that the translation is incomplete? Translation patches are always welcome. See how to submit a patch to learn more. Once you've finished your patch, please submit it to gerrit to have it reviewed and merged.

For other patches, add Jack Phoenix and SamanthaNguyen as reviewers for your patch. Once the patch is done, it'll usually need to be deployed to the dedicated testing environment for further testing and checking to see if there's anything that was missed. After the design review has been done and the change has been amended, one of us will +2 the change to have it merged into the source code.

Reporting bugs and feature requestsEdit

Bugs, feedback, and feature requests should be reported on Wikimedia Phabricator, a dedicated application to ticketing and software collaboration. If you don't already have an account yet, you can read a tutorial on how to. Please note that any that are reported on the talk page of any of the social tool extensions will either:

  • Fly under the radar of the maintainers as we might likely not notice it.
  • Be closed as declined if the bug isn't reproducible or doesn't have enough information.
  • Be migrated upstream if determined that such a report is valid. It's recommended that you migrate your report upstream yourself if you know how to.