As its name implies, a core part of SocialProfile is the social user profile pages.

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Main sections


Special pages

System gifts
  • Special:TopAwards — lists the awards that have been given out the most times.
  • Special:ViewSystemGifts — a special page for viewing all of your own awards.
  • Special:ViewSystemGift — not meant to be accessed directly. Linked to from user profile pages, this is the backend page for displaying a given user's individual award.
  • Special:SystemGiftManager — allows to add and remove awards. Restricted to users with the awardsmanage right.
  • Special:SystemGiftManagerLogo — allows to upload award images which will be stored in the awards folder. Restricted to users with the awardsmanage right.
  • Special:PopulateAwards — a special page to initially populate awards after installing SocialProfile. Restricted to users with awardsmanage right.
User gifts
  • Special:GiveGift — a special page that allows you to give a gift to another user.
  • Special:ViewGifts — a special page for viewing all your own gifts.
  • Special:ViewGift — not meant to be accessed directly. Linked to from user profile pages, this is the backend page for displaying a given user's individual gift they've gotten from another user.
  • Special:GiftManager — allows to add, remove and modify gifts. Restricted to users with the giftadmin right or all logged-in users if $wgMaxCustomUserGiftCount is set to a positive integer.
  • Special:GiftManagerLogo — allows to upload new gift images, restricted to users with the giftadmin right.
  • Special:RemoveMasterGift — allows to remove a gift completely, restricted to users with giftadmin right.
  • Special:RemoveGift — allows an individual user to remove a gift given to them.
User profile
  • Special:UpdateProfile — allows users to edit their social profile. System administrators can limit access to this to e.g. hinder spambots and to encourage users to edit and to make connections on-wiki instead of spending all their time editing their profile page by setting $wgUserProfileThresholds to an appropriate value. TODO: Document $wgUserProfileThresholds properly...somewhere.
  • Special:EditProfile — the admin-only version of the above; restricted to users with the editothersprofiles user right, this special page allows privileged people to edit other people's social profiles, for example to remove spam, personal attacks, or other things forbidden by local policy.
  • Special:ToggleUserPageType — allows an individual user to switch their default user page display between the wiki user page or the SocialProfile one. The orange "Use social userpage"/"Use wiki userpage" button on your user or social profile page links to this special page.
  • Special:PopulateExistingUsersProfiles
  • Special:UploadAvatar — allows users to upload their own avatar image, provided that file uploads are enabled on the wiki, $wgUserProfileDisplay['avatar'] isn't set to false and the user has the upload user right, which is by default needed to upload files to a MediaWiki installation. Also supports upload by URL if that feature is enabled and the user has the upload_by_url user right. Uploads are logged to Special:Log/avatar and also displayed on Special:RecentChanges if $wgUploadAvatarInRecentChanges is set to true.
  • Special:RemoveAvatar — allows people who have uploaded a custom avatar via Special:UploadAvatar to remove it. Removals are logged. Additionally, privileged users with the avatarremove user right can use this special page to remove other people's avatars if they violate the wiki policy.
User board
  • Special:UserBoard — your own user board; a fuller view of what's shown on your User:(/User profile:, if you use a wikitext user page as your User: page) page under the "Board" section. The user board is where other people can leave you messages; basically the equivalent for regular user talk pages.
  • Special:SendBoardBlast — allows you to quickly send the same message to a larger group of recipients (your friends or foes). The board blast messages are always sent as private messages and cannot be sent as public messages.
User relationship
  • Special:AddRelationship — special page for sending friend and foe requests to other users. Not really meant to be accessed directly, but the human-friendly URLs Special:AddRelationship/<user name>/friend and Special:AddRelationship/<user name>/foe exist for convenience. The "add as friend"/"add as foe" links on another user's social profile page link to this page.
  • Special:RemoveRelationship — special page for removing friends and foes from your friend/foe list(s). The "remove as friend"/"remove as foe" links on another user's social profile page link to this page.
  • Special:ViewRelationships — your friend(/foe) list; when accessed directly without the /foes subpage, shows your friend list. When accessed at Special:ViewRelationships/<user name>/friends, shows the given user's friend list. When accessed at Special:ViewRelationships/<user name>/foes, shows the given user's foe list.
  • Special:ViewRelationshipRequests — shows your pending friend and foe requests
User stats
  • Special:GenerateTopUsersReport — allows to generate the report detailing the weekly and monthly winners; this is needed by $wgUserStatsPointValues['points_winner_weekly'] and $wgUserStatsPointValues['points_winner_monthly'], i.e. if you want to give out points to users (or rather, just the single user who is the "winner" for the given timeframe) for having the most points in the aforementioned, defined time frame. (Developer gotcha/point of interest: the special page moves the points from user_points_{weekly,monthly} to the user_points_archive DB table.) Access to this special page is granted only to users who have the generatetopusersreport user right. Accessing this special page results in a public wiki page being automatically created about the statistics for the given period; the creation of said page can't be disabled currently. See Help:Extension:SocialProfile/User stats#Weekly and monthly winners for more info.
  • Special:UpdateEditCounts — updates all users' social points and refreshes caches. Access is restricted to only those users with the updatepoints user right.
  • Special:TopUsers — leaderboard that shows users (and their ranks, if and when $wgUserLevels is properly defined) and their amount of social points. TODO: Document the obscure MediaWiki:Topfans-by-category feature somewhere. For now, users can refer to Brickipedia's MediaWiki:Topfans-by-category message and see how it appears on Brickipedia's Special:TopUsers.
  • Special:TopFansByStatistic — Special page that shows the top users for a given statistic, i.e. "users with the most friends" or "users with the most votes". Anything that exists in the user_stats database table as a field can be shown via this special page. This special page is not meant to be accessed directly without a subpage parameter and will throw an error if accessed so. TODO: Is this broken or something? (late January 2023) The list of e.g. top voters at Special:TopFansByStatistic/vote_count on my local test wiki is empty when it obviously shouldn't be. TODO: Document the allowed subpage param values and how they map to the user_stats table and above all, document in plain English what those columns mean (even if the names should be self-explanatory, but maybe sometimes they aren't)!
  • Special:TopUsersRecent — shows the users with the most points in a given week or month, assuming that the weekly/monthly winner stuff is properly set up. If that isn't the case, the data is going to be wildly inaccurate and it'll basically act as a copy of Special:TopUsers. See Help:Extension:SocialProfile/User stats#Weekly and monthly winners for more info.