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この拡張機能は MediaWiki 1.21 以降に同梱されています。 そのため再度ダウンロードする必要はありません。 しかし、提供されているその他の手順に従う必要はあります。
MediaWiki 拡張機能マニュアル
リリースの状態: 安定
実装 特別ページ
説明 interwikiテーブルの参照や操作を行う特別ページを追加する
作者 Stephanie Amanda Stevens, SPQRobin
最新バージョン 3.2 (2019-07-15)
MediaWiki 1.36+
データベースの変更 いいえ
ライセンス GNU 一般公衆利用許諾書 2.0 以降
Extension:Interwiki/Sites using this extension を参照してください
  • $wgInterwikiViewOnly
  • InterwikiCentralDB
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Interwiki 拡張機能は MediaWiki に「Special:Interwiki」ページを追加します。ここでは、interwiki テーブルおよびそれを使って行われた操作記録の閲覧や編集ができます。

$wgInterwikiCache 変数と一緒に動作します。 Changes made with it to the interwiki table can affect the behavior of both transclusion and interwiki links .

「特別:インターウィキ」は iw_api フィールドが使えないことを除き api.php?action=query&meta =siteinfo&siprop=interwikimapAPIと同じです。


  • ダウンロードして、ファイルをextensions/フォルダー内のInterwikiという名前のディレクトリ内に配置します。
    Developers and code contributors should install the extension from Git instead, using:cd extensions/
    git clone https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/mediawiki/extensions/Interwiki
  • 以下のコードを LocalSettings.php ファイルの末尾に追加します:
    wfLoadExtension( 'Interwiki' );
    // システム管理者の interwiki データ編集を認める
    $wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['interwiki'] = true;
    // interwiki データの編集を担当する利用者グループを新設する
    // (ビューロクラットはこのグループに利用者を追加できます)
    # $wgGroupPermissions['developer']['interwiki'] = true; // 適切としてコメント指示子 # を除去
  •   完了 – ウィキの「Special:Version」に移動して、拡張機能が正しくインストールされたことを確認します。
  • MediaWiki に付属する設定が許可を与える特定の利用者グループはありません。 そのため、利用者が自分で設定を追加しない限り、誰も interwiki の編集はできません。
  • 他のサイトから参照読み込みができるようにするには、$wgEnableScaryTranscluding を可能に設定してください。
  • Special:Interwiki インターフェースを使った接頭辞の付与を無効にするには、$wgInterwikiViewOnlytrue に設定。
Special ページ一覧に追加されるこの拡張機能の名称は、拡張機能そのものの名称ではありません。 一覧に掲載される名称はロケール単位で SpecialInterwiki.i18n.php に定義されるメッセージ項目 interwiki に依拠します。 値は インターウィキデータの閲覧と編集 です。


To set up interlanguage links using this extension, make sure that $wgInterwikiMagic is set to true and $wgHideInterlanguageLinks is set to false (they are like this by default, you don't need to change them usually). The $wgInterwikiViewOnly also needs to be set to false (which it is by default). Then go to Special:Interwiki as a user with the ability to edit interwikis. That is controlled by the interwiki permission, and by default, no user group has this permission, so it needs to be added to a user group with, e.g.

$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['interwiki'] = true;

Once on Special:Interwiki, you can either click the "Add an interwiki or language prefix" link at the top of the table, or click the "Edit" or "Delete" links in the table row of an existing interwiki prefix.

Choosing to add or edit an interwiki prefix will take you to a separate page with a form with various fields to be filled. The main fields are "name", which is the prefix that would be used for the links, and "URL", where you put the full URL pattern. For example, setting name=foowiki and URL=http://fr.foowiki.tld/wiki/$1 would make [[foowiki:Blah]] point to http://fr.foowiki.tld/wiki/Blah.

There are also two checkboxes labeled "Forward" and "Transclude". See Manual:Interwiki table for a full explanation of the forward (iw_local) and transclude (iw_trans) bits.

In brief:

  • Enabling forwarding ('local' true) is normally done between all languages and projects in the same group, as it allows a link to any one of the languages to be used as a gateway to the others. The English-language Wikipedia, for instance, sets the 'local' bit true for all of the other-language Wikipedias and for projects like commons:, wikinews: or wikivoyage:. A user on a wiki outside Wikipedia where the wikipedia: interwiki prefix points to en.wikipedia.org could create a link like wikipedia:fr:Encyclopédie. That link goes initially to "fr:Encyclopédie" on the English-language Wikipedia. The en.wikipedia server immediately recognises fr: as a 'local' interwiki link, so replies with a redirect to la Wikipédia where fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Encyclopédie displays the requested French-language Wikipédia page [[Encyclopédie]] et voilà.
  • Enabling transclusion is rarely done, as it allows an article on one wiki to use templates from some other wiki. This is referred to as 'scary transclusion' as it will cause problems if the other wiki changes the template unexpectedly. A few wiki farms use this to create one 'central wiki' with various templates which are made available to other wikis in the same farm. If you don't need this, don't enable it.

グローバル ウィキ間ウィキ

Since version 3, Interwiki supports defining a global/central database and pulling defined interwikis from there as well as from the local table. This functions essentially as a table merge, with local interwiki definitions overriding central. Language links are not pulled from the central table; these are set up as local-only due to a central table likely serving more than one project (with each having its own languages).

The central table is the interwiki table of the central wiki. This means that as far as the central wiki is concerned, it is basically just a normal non-global setup. There are therefore no special rights associated with the central (global) table, though it is likely you may want to be more picky about how you assign the 'interwiki' edit right on this wiki.

  • This was decided by looking at current possible use cases (ShoutWiki's hub, Uncyclomedia's central wiki, and Meta-Wiki) where the central wiki isn't going to have anything extra anyway.
  • This might change in the future, but anything more intelligent will require schema updates.
  • This probably doesn't work with table prefixes because of how the table is accessed.

To set up a central interwiki table, simply provide the name of the database of the wiki you want to use:

// To enable pulling global interwikis from a central database
$wgInterwikiCentralDB = 'mw_central';

Replace 'mw_central' with the name of the database.

For those using table prefixes here is an alternative solution for "pool_example_wiki" tables.

$wgSharedDB = 'example_wiki'; # The $wgDBname for the wiki database holding the main interwiki table
$wgSharedPrefix = 'pool_'; # The $wgDBprefix for the database. Defaults to the prefix of the current wiki if not specified
$wgSharedTables = ['interwiki'];


You can use protocol-relative URLs (PRURLs), so that users accessing your wiki over either HTTP or HTTPS can uses that same protocol to access interwiki links. To use a PRURL, first ensure the destination server supports HTTPS; if it does, then simply remove the https: portion of the URL in the link table. For example, change