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This page contains information and links specific to the iOS team and codebase.


Contact usEdit

mobile-l mailing list

Freenode webchat on the #wikimedia-ios channel or the #wikimedia-mobile channel.

Sign up on this form to help us as a beta tester!Edit

Download the appEdit

  • Get the Wikipedia iOS app from the App Store.


Contribute to developmentEdit

We welcome volunteers to contribute to the Wikipedia iOS app codebase.

What can I work on?Edit

If you're looking for easy work, look at the tasks marked with the "Easy" tag. This link will show you all the "Easy" tasks in the iOS backlog.

If you're ready to pick up more difficult work, look at the iOS backlog and pick something from the Bug Backlog column. This link will show you all the tasks in the iOS backlog. If the status of the task is unclear or you need more information, feel free to leave a comment and we'll try to respond as soon as possible.

I found my task. What next?Edit

Now you want to let the team know what you're working on.

  1. In Phabricator, assign the task to yourself.
  2. Add the tag representing the current release to the task. This link will take you to currently open releases. Tagging your task with the name of the release will add it to the release board.
  3. On the release board, move the task to the "Doing" column.
  4. When you're done developing, move the task to the "Needs Code Review" column.

I don't want to work on my task any more.Edit

You can let us know by unassigning the task and moving it back to the "Tasks from Product Backlog" column.

How will I know that my contribution was accepted?Edit

If your tasks gets moved to the "Ready for PM Signoff" column, it means that your contribution will be included in the upcoming release.


Wiki on how to use Phabricator

Code this wayEdit


The Wikipedia iOS app code is hosted on both GitHub and Gerrit.


This is the main repository, where iOS developers at the Foundation operate and release public betas via TestFlight. Pull requests via GitHub are the preferred contribution method, since the GitHub repository is also integrated into Travis CI.


We also host the repository on Gerrit, which is synced with the master (on GitHub) after every public release.

New repository process

Repository access control


Recommended ToolsEdit

Homebrew is the team's preferred package manager for OS X. It's mentioned throughout the documentation as the way to install various packages.

Alcatraz is the unofficial plugin manager for Xcode. The team uses it to install various extensions to Xcode to facilitate development, mainly BBUncrustify.

Fastlane is a suite of automation tools which the team uses to build, lint, package, test, and deploy the iOS app.

Other toolsEdit