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이곳에는 언제든지 다운로드 가능한 미디어위키의 여러 버전이 있습니다. 확장기능 또한 다양한 릴리즈 상태를 가질 수 있습니다.


개발 버전

The development version is available by downloading from Git. It is generally quite stable, and there are some wikis that run from the trunk.

베타 버전

The beta version has been reviewed and is thought to be good. It is more stable than the development version. However, you are encouraged to report any bugs you encounter to 파브리케이터 , so that they can be fixed for the officially stable version.

안정화 버전

The stable version is even more stable than the beta. It will receive maintenance and security fixes until it becomes a legacy version.

이전 버전

The legacy version is even more stable than the beta. It is like a stable version but will only receive security fixes during the period of one year after its release. Some legacy versions are designated as long-term supported (LTS).

낡은 버전

이전 버전은 더이상 지원되지 않고 보안 픽스를 받을수 없습니다; 버전 생명 주기 를 참조하십시오.

확장 기능

Extensions can be classified as unstable, experimental, beta, stable, or unknown; see here for more details. See also Compatibility#MediaWiki extensions.

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