User Interaction Consultation

This was an experimental space created by the reading team to discuss issues on how to improve the experience of reading Wikipedia. We ran this experiment until April 22, 2016, and encouraged volunteer editors, staff members, and readers to discuss their ideas. Documentation of learned lessons is found here.

We will be incorporating clear suggestions as part of Q1 planning, and decide on the most feasible to move forward with.Edit

One way to help readers learn is to enable them to interact with content and with each other on Wikipedia. We believe that more engaged readers will learn more, and that more of them will ultimately become editors. Kindly note that this is not a wishlist.

Please name your suggestion and hit submit to fill out a form with your idea.

A link to your idea page will be created below. You can revisit your idea, and discuss on its talk pages.

Already submitted ideas:Edit

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If you would like to discuss any of the premises of this consultation, please do so on this discussion page