User Interaction Consultation/start proper maintenance of the really good existing stuff.

Fix existing tools that support interactivity with content and readersEdit

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  • Making Wikipedia interactive for readers means that any new tools or features should have a focus on creating encyclopedic content, and these new tools/features should have editors in mind during their design (to avoid "facebookisation"). Interactivity for the cause of interactivity and just being some social network is no goal, only a collateral damage. A lot of effort by the devs in SF seems to go into unwanted, and explicitly anti-policy facebookisation efforts, like Flow, Gather, MV and some other stuff.The wikiverse is explicitly not a social network, so while interaction to make discussions about content (and unfortunately sometimes policy) are wanted, and should be improved, dumbing down the system to get it more like social networks should be discouraged.
  • One way to make reading Wikipedia interactive (and keeping editors in mind) is to improve the editing tools to help brand new users to engage, using tools that are made by volunteers. These tools can improve how new editors engage with talk pages and wiki mark up editing of articles. Some example tools are:

Keep the main goal in focusEdit

start proper maintenance of the really good existing stuff.