Talk pages project/Usability/Prototype


A mockup showing the proposed new design for desktop wikitext talk pages.
Mockup of new design for desktop wikitext talk pages.

This page has instructions for testing design changes to wikitext talk pages. These design changes are a part of the Talk pages project and an effort to make talk pages easier for people to recognize and use.

Try the prototype edit

  1. Visit this article talk page or this user talk page on the special prototype wiki.
  2. Find the discussion that has been edited most recently.
  3. Find the discussion that has the most people participating in it.
  4. Find the discussion with the most comments.
  5. Scroll back to the discussion you identified in "Step 4." Figure out how you would do the following:
    1. Post a reply in the discussion.
    2. Edit the reply you posted.
  6. Next, start a discussion about a new topic.
  7. ✅ You are now ready to share your feedback.

Design edit

Share your feedback edit

If you prefer, you can send an email message instead:


Please share your thoughts.

  1. Click here to start a new topic on the talk page.
  2. Type Feedback: YOUR USERNAME.
  3. Write answers to these questions. You can write in your language.
    1. Did you use mobile device or a laptop to test the prototype?
    2. What did you find unexpected about the prototype?
    3. Which steps in the "Try the Prototype" section did you find difficult to complete?
    4. What do you like about the prototype?
    5. What do you wish was different about the prototype?
    6. (Optional) Can you imagine this design not working on some pages? If you can, please share links to these pages? It would be very helpful.
  4. Click the blue "Add topic" button.
  5. ✅ You are done! Thank you!