Reading/Multimedia/Weekly meetings

Wikimedia Foundation's Multimedia Team meets weekly to review our progress on the multimedia project and discuss next steps with core team members (Aaron Arcos, Bryan Davis, Fabrice Florin, Mark Holmquist, Rob Lanphier, Gergő Tisza).

The meetings are typically held over Google Hangouts and in-person at WMF's SF office, usually on Mondays at 9:30am PST. To make these meetings more productive, we propose to use Etherpad to post agendas and key action items or notes, as a team.

We archive these meeting minutes on-wiki at the end of the week - the current week's meeting is also used as an ad-hoc todo list, so we'll archive it when a new meeting pad has been created.

Retrospective from 2013-12-16 (this can be turned into a retrospective template)

Template for weekly meetings