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Goals for this Quarter edit

Goals we are focusing on this quarter:

  • Media Viewer - Complete + release v0.3 by March (A/V support, use this file, zoom, plugins)
  • Upload Wizard - Research, then improve UI + incremental code refactor
  • Video - RfC on MP4, release in March if approved
  • GLAM Wiki Toolset - Release in late January
  • Bugs & Technical Debt - Ongoing
  • File Notification - Develop 'Your file was used' in February
  • File Feedback - Discuss positive feedback options + Develop in March?
  • Wikidata - Discuss Search use cases + Structured data plan
  • Community - Support goals above
  • Design - Support goals above
  • Metrics - Support goals above

NOTE: We agreed to follow up with a session where we will estimate this proposal and based on team capacity come up with list of doable items for the quarter.

Goals for This Week edit

  • Sprint planning, review process
  • Media Viewer Demo
  • Update Media Viewer UI fixes (e.g.: chevron, controls)
  • Update image bucketing code (even faster, pre-render?)
  • Analyze image load metrics (report on findings)
  • Mark to start thread with Ori, Dario, Fabrice, Aaron, Gilles, tgr about perf metrics in MMV
  • More bug fixes for Upload Wizard
  • Multimedia design meeting (Wed.)
  • Start Video RfC (& blog post) (Wed.)
  • Upload Wizard planning meeting (Thu)
  • Update Mingle cards based on planning meeting
  • Increase testability of the MMV and UW code base.
  • Improve manual testability of GWToolset (vagrant, test docs)

There should be a meeting where we estimate and agree on the goals for the quarter.

Agenda edit

  • Review work of previous week and demo it (10-15 min)
    • Lots of user facing improvements in MV that got finally checked in.
    • Main refactoring on MV code with deferral objects and after deployment bug fixes.
    • Launched MM vision campaign and socialize it
    • Prepared video RFC campaign
    • Prepared metrics graphs for Media Viewer performance

  • Review goals for the sprint and capacity of the team (sick days,

planned events, etc.) (5min)

    • Main theme of the sprint is going to be around finishing missing small features

and bug fixes for the MMV

    • Mark going to the dentist and working the rest of the day from home.
  • Estimate stories in the backlog proposed for this sprint, break up

into smaller parts if necessary and come up with the final list to get done in this sprint based on the estimations and capacity of the team. (30-45min)

    • We reviewed all the cards still in progress and closed the ones already resolved.
    • We reviewed most of the cards in the backlog related to MV issues, estimated them

and added them to the ready for development queue. We ended up with the following list:

This totals 14pts for the iteration, we have 4 engineers, cranking aggressively 4pts/week each for an ideal capacity of 16pts. So, it looks we may be able to finish this list. In any case, this is our first try, we will know our real velocity after 2-3 iterations.

  • Retrospective (15-30min)
  Based on previous one:
 We didn't have time for the retrospective.

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