Reading/Multimedia/Weekly meetings/2013-12-30

General Topics edit

Topics we are now focusing on:

  • Media Viewer
  • Upload Wizard
  • Design
  • Bugs & Technical Debt
  • Glam Toolset
  • Roundtables
  • Video
  • Wikidata

Goals for This Week edit

  • Finish Media Viewer UI fixes (for next week's release - Mark)
  • Invitation animation for next/prev arrows (pginer)
  • Bigger click target for prev/next
  • Make metadata div always the same size (no change on load of data)
  • Scroll metadata *over* image
  • Gerrit change 104689
  • Means fixed position for image div, absolute for metadata, metadata is appended after image
  • Animation on open to show that there's metadata below
  • Reactivate fullscreen
  • Have asked Theo to do this, if he can't, we will.
  • He's working on it!
  • Start writing image bucketing code
  • Finish image load metrics work (Mark)
  • Data being gathered, just need to CSVify it and generate visualisations
  • More bug fixes for Upload Wizard (Gergo)
  • Edit Video RfC (& blog post) for MP4 (Fab)
  • Prepare usability study for Media Viewer 0.2 (Fab)
  • Roundtables report (& Multimedia Vision videos?) (Fab)
  • Write Multimedia Vision Blog Post (Fab)
  • Update designs and requirements for Media Viewer 0.3 (Fab/Pau)

Multimedia 2004 Development Timeline:

Holidays edit

  • New Years Day: WMF closed
  • Fabrice off Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Aaron on vacation all week
  • Bryan on vacation 2013-12-30 & 31
  • Mark maybe sporadic 30th-2nd, but not too bad
  • Gergő travelling on 3rd
  • Woohoo

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