Reading/Multimedia/Weekly meetings/2013-12-16

Goals for This Week edit

  • Plan next sprint, prioritize bugs and features
  • Deploy GW Toolset on Commons (Tue.)
  • Start unit tests for Upload Wizard
  • Study image load time data for Media Viewer
  • Write Media Viewer Blog Post
  • Prepare Video RfC for licensing MPEG-4 codec
  • Start usability study for Media Viewer 0.2
  • Update designs and requirements for Media Viewer 0.3

Key Action Items edit

  • Review outstanding code for MMViewer and CommonsMetaData (Mark, Gergo)
  • Help GW Toolset team release and socialize this week (Bryan, Fab)
  • Prepare metrics page for planning, tracking and analyzing Media Viewer image data (Mark)
  • Discuss new designs and user interface improvements (Pau, Mark, Fab)
  • Develop first Upload Wizard 'smoke tests' (Aaron, Mark)
  • Complete first draft of Video RfC & discuss internally (Fab)

Retrospective edit

  • What works well
  • What needs improvements
  • Ideas
  • Thanks

Aaron will write up retrospective notes and share with the team. Retrospective link:

Useful links edit