Reading/Multimedia/Weekly meetings/2014-01-06

General Topics edit

Topics we are now focusing on:

  • Media Viewer
  • Upload Wizard
  • Design
  • Bugs & Technical Debt
  • Glam Toolset
  • Community
  • Video
  • Wikidata

Goals for This Week edit

  • Welcome & onboard Gilles Dubuc (all)
  • Review, test and release Media Viewer UI fixes (Thur. - Mark)
  • We could use a few reviewer eyes on these:
  • And fix the metadata div's scrolling (Gilles)
  • There are remaining issues with a core patch for the fullscreen work, but that's pretty much ready too (but we're postponing because the library isn't ready):
  • And two little fixes for something unrelated, but important for fixing fullscreen (these are dependencies for other patches):
  • Finally, get images to load progressively
  • Test image bucketing code (in parallel with metrics) (Aaron and Mark)
  • Is in prod already, can be tested on (after Tuesday's deploy, on Commons too), but seems to have some issues with e.g. small files
  • There is already a bug about small images being stretched to fit the entire screen - because frontend is like "oh cool we have the biggest size, let's just go for it"
  • Some MMV refactoring and test writing (Mark, at Gilles' behest)
  • Analyze image load metrics (Mark)
  • Deployed to stat1, ready to go
  • Still need a cronjob running on stat1
  • A bug manifested
  • Still need dashboard(s)
  • Bug in MMV about encoding/decoding URLs (Mark)
  • Bug in MMV about file namespace i18n (Mark)
  • More bug fixes for Upload Wizard (Gergo)
  • Upload Wizard Test Reports (Aaron)
  • Basic unit tests for LicenseInput component of Upload Wizard are in HEAD now. Plan is to write

smoke tests for other components this week.

  • Upload Wizard Bug Scrum (All)
  • Review Pau's Design Analysis of the current Upload Wizard UX:
  • Edit & Publish Multimedia Vision Blog Post (Fab)
  • Update designs and requirements for Media Viewer 0.3 (Fab/Pau)
  • Complete Video RfC (& blog post) for next week (Fab)
  • Write Monthly Engineering Report (Fab)
  • Prepare Mingle cards for next week's sprint (Aaron/Fab)

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