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Backlog: 2012 Q1 Extension Page Review Drive
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2012 Extension Page Review Drive edit

Several extension pages are long overdue for review. Many are lacking the appropriate tags, both header and within the extensions, which cause confusion for other developers and sysadmins. In addition to time wasted on bad installations, there is also time wasted by other developers providing tech support to these bad installations. The 2012 Extension Page Review Drive is an effort to check for proper tags, headers, templates, status, etc. on every page documenting an extension. This page has been setup to recruit volunteers for the page drive and track their progress.

This effort will also help with future drives reviewing actual code of extensions (although you're welcome to do thorough code review during this drive if you'd like) and moving extensions based in wikicode to the code repository.

Extension pages needing review edit

Category:2012 Q1 Extension Page Review Drive

Completed edit

Category:2012 Q1 Extension Page Review Drive - completed

Steps edit

     Before & After

Review the actual extension edit

Review and make note of:

  1. Compatibility with MediaWiki 1.18 and 1.19
  2. Note hooks being used that are missing from extension's {{extension}} entry on its page
  3. Any other appropriate page headers you notice (particularly security alerts)
A more thorough review of code for appropriate security alerts will be done during future drives

Update the extension page edit

  1. Missing hooks in {{extension}} usage
  2. Correct use of version numbers in {{extension}} usage (each version supported must be separated by commas for proper sorting)
    • 1.12-1.15 becomes 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15
  3. If the "Check usage (experimental)" link does not work correctly for this extension - update {{extension}} with:
    | templatemode = nousage
  4. Add templates you noticed where missing from the page during your review of the extension
  5. Replace ‎<source> with ‎<syntaxhighlight>
  6. Tag with {{Extension code in wiki}} if extension's code is posted as wikicode on
  7. Tag with {{unmaintained extension}} if:
    • Extension is no longer actively maintained
      • An overbuddence of complaints on talk page and no resolution to compatibility problems are good indicators
      • Keep in mind a functioning extension may not be updated for several years
    • Updates to the code are needed (ie. not functioning or otherwise clearly outdated)
  8. If it is tagged with {{obsolete}}, or both {{unmaintained extension}} and {{incompatible}}, archive the extension using {{archived extension}}
  9. Add any other helpful extension categories
  10. Finally, assuming the extension hasn't been archived during your review, update {{extension}} to reflect your completion of the review by adding:
    | pagedrive1 = true

Keep in mind edit

  • You are not limited to just the above actions
  • If there's an extension in need of a developer or some updates, be bold
  • When in doubt, ask, don't assume or guess

Known participants edit