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Upcoming WorkshopsUpcoming Workshops

Utilizing the model set by Wikimedia staff IRC office hours, WikiProject Extensions will hold regular MediaWiki Workshops for developers (volunteer and staff) to present trainings, hold discussions and collaborate on community or WikiProject Extensions projects. Facilitators host the session to introduce any presenters, determine the order of questions, and generally helps to keep things going.

MediaWiki Workshops will typically last one hour, and happen no more than twice a month. Time of day will vary in order to offer people in different parts of the world the opportunity to participate. (Check local timezones) Announcements are made on this page, MediaWiki developer meetings, @MediaWikiMeet on Twitter and, and on the wikitech-l, mediawiki-l, mediawiki-enterprise, semediawiki-user mailing lists.

How to participate edit

Everyone is welcome to attend. You are not required to be a participant in this WikiProject, a known developer, previous volunteer or other criteria.

Any developers (volunteer or staff) are welcome to sign-up below as presenters to share information on that workshop's topic or help answer questions.

Connect to IRC and connect to the chat channel #wikimedia-dev.

Being developed: Git / Gerrit introduction, troubleshooting and discussion edit

Date & Time TBD

Learn more about the migration to Git and how to utilize Gerrit. Also an opportunity to ask questions about developing MediaWiki extensions.

Facilitators edit

Git / Gerrit Experts edit

Please add your name if you plan on attending and can help answer questions related to Git / Gerrit.

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Probably attending edit

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Being developed: MediaWiki documentation and identifying future needs edit

Date TBD - Time TBD

Learn more about how to navigate and contribute to MediaWiki documentation. Also an opportunity to provide feedback on future priorities for documentation and ways to encourage your participation in improving documentation.

Facilitators edit

MediaWiki Documentation Experts edit

Please add your name if you plan on attending and can help answer questions related to MediaWiki documentation.

Definitely attending edit

Probably attending edit

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