My name is Eranga Mapa. I have a passion for open source software development. So far I have been referring Wikipedia for many purposes. I was wondering about how Wikipedia works. Lately, I got to know about MediaWiki, a nice open source software package which is powering many wikis including Wikipedia. So I decided to have my first open source experience by writing an extension for MediaWiki.

My extension


I have developed an extension Elearnware to synchronize HTML5 video with other content.

My background


I'm a 3rd year undergraduate of Computer Science and Engineering at University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka. I'm interested in the areas of Web Application development and Cloud Computing. I have involved in developing many web sites and I was passionate about web based software development. So, learned further in that area and did many projects related to web applications. I worked at Monvia Sri Lanka as a web application developer in 2011 and Currently I am working as a Software Engineer at GlomeTec.

GSoC 2012


I like to participate in GSoC 2012 with Wikimedia Foundation. My GSoC proposal can be accessed here.

Contact me

  • Email:erangamapa
  • Linkedin:Eranga Mapa
  • Freenode IRC nick name: mapahere
  • Skype: mapahere
  • Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka