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Participants may use this code on either MediaWiki or Wikipedia: {{User WPExtensions}} to get this userbox:

MediaWiki-extensions-icon.svg This user supports the development of MediaWiki extensions by participating in WikiProject Extensions.

Or this code: {{User ExtensionsDev}} to get this userbox:

MediaWiki-extensions-icon.svg This user is a proud MediaWiki extension developer and participant in WikiProject Extensions.

Anyone who is interested in participating in a project, assisting developers with extensions or showing unity with extension developers is welcome to include their name on the participant list by clicking the Join button.

Once you click Join, simply click "Save page" once. If your preferences are set to "Prompt me when entering a blank edit summary", then you will need to click "Save page" again when the page reloads.

Despite the message along the top, you are not required to enter a subject line.

To add notes to your signature - such as information on relevant projects you're involved with, etc. - add it to the |notes= line.

{{<includeonly>subst:</includeonly>Project:WikiProject Extensions/Join template|param1=