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Following are ongoing projects of WikiProject Extensions. All (that includes you) are invited to participate in each of our ongoing projects.


Update extension development related documentation on

Current prioritiesEdit

  1. Manual:Extensions
  2. Extensions FAQ
    1. Archive FAQs unrelated to supported releases.
    2. Improve use of MW version tags.
  3. Manual:Developing extensions
  4. Developer hub


Develop and maintain templates related to extensions.

Current tasksEdit

  • Identify extensions needing Template:Incompatible
  • Begin moving extensions from wiki code posting to repository commits
  • Templates to assist with merging extensions
  • Template:Extensions updating
    • Optional donate to developer button? (feedback from finlay)
      • Integration with w:Wikipedia:Bounty board
        • Duplicate on - link to/from enWP page (feedback from aude)
      • Check on WMF policy/stance, post-Holiday

Current ideasEdit

  • Encourage developers to "pledge" to update an extension for a current or upcoming release.
  • "Archive related" templates for extensions using defunct services unrelated to MediaWiki
  • Model page or complete page template for extensions
    • Release notes you can subscribe to
    • Consistency amongst sections
  • Coordinate volunteers to sweep extensions for updates/improvements?


Assist developers in reviewing their extensions for use on production sites.

Current ideasEdit


Identify and recover obsolete, incompatible or abandoned extensions still in demand or being requested.

Current candidatesEdit