Project:Requests/User rights/Izno

User: Izno

Requested user-rights: Interface administrator.

Izno has volunteered to clean up our Common.css and migrate stuff to TemplateStyles. They're a int admin on en.wp already and generally helpful and trusted. Legoktm (talk) 06:27, 21 June 2021 (UTC)[reply]

  Support. Mainframe98 talk 06:35, 21 June 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  SupportQuiddity (talk) 16:31, 21 June 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  Support EpicPupper (talk) 20:45, 21 June 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  Support 94rain Talk 15:20, 23 June 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  Done @Izno: 2FA should already be enabled as an enwiki interface admin, but if not please remember to enable it. --DannyS712 (talk) 16:06, 24 June 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Not like I turned it off. 😁 Izno (talk) 16:17, 24 June 2021 (UTC)[reply]