Project:Language policy/Migration list

Pages not yet migrated to the Translate extension: instructions are at Project:Language policy. The most interesting pages to migrate are probably at #Manual.

Google Code-in task descriptionEdit

Make MediaWiki documentation translatable (recurring task)

  • You'll be upgrading existing English text and translations so that they are translatable with MediaWiki's Translate extension, which greatly improves translation workflow hence making coverage of translated docs vastly broader. You must not create new (original) translations yourself, that's forbidden by the rules. Detailed steps:
    1. For a full introduction, read the basic help, translation tutorial, page translation tutorial and page translation reference manual.
    2. Login or register on all your work will happen on this wiki. Pick one page to migrate to Translate from the migration list (on the list's talk page, you can ask any question). Polish the English text as fit/possible to avoid migrating very obsolete/low quality text, skip pages where unsure. Prepare the page for translation (i.e. add ‎<translate> tags etc.) following the first part of the tutorial and the markup manual linked above .
      • A translation administrator will now approve ("mark") the page for translation at their discretion. If your preparation is reverted or not approved, check the manual again and try to improve your edits.
      • If you are a translation administrator, follow the page translation tutorial linked above till the end. You can also help yourself with Special:PagePreparation instead of adding all the tags manually.
    3. When it's approved, complete the job: copy the old translations to corresponding units. You don't need to know the language you're migrating, only to identify which paragraph corresponds to which, even though it's not a loyal translation (machine translation can help grasp the meaning if the layout of the page doesn't provide enough hints).
      • If it's the first time you do this task, you can import the translations this way: a) click one of the language links at the top of the translatable page (added via <languages/> tag), to reach one subpage like /ja; b) open the link "Translate this page" (or "Translate", or "translated version") in a new tab; c) open the page history; d) click the date and time of the last edit before an edit by FuzzyBot; e) add &action=edit to the URL to reach an address like &oldid=123456&action=edit; f) copy the wikitext from the text area to the correct text area in the Special:Translate tab you opened earlier.
      • If you've done this task other times before, you are probably a translation administrator now. Visit the page Special:PageMigration, enter the page title and use the interface to drag the old translations in the correct places.
    4. When you're done, add in your task instance a link to the stats for the page (example). Repeat the steps until you've done enough pages and then submit the task. More precisely: to have this task marked done, you need at least one page marked for translation; and a total of at least 120 translation units (i.e. paragraphs/strings) counting those created in the source language (English) and those migrated from existing translations (visible in the stats, row "All languages together", as difference between the columns "Messages" and "Untranslated").
  • Hours available: 96
  • Mentor: contact the main mentor, Federico Leva (Nemo), via wiki talkpage or on IRC directly if you get stuck in any of the steps.
  • Tags: documentation, writing, copyediting, wikignome, copy-and-pasting, browser-tabs, i18n, l10n, languages, multilingualism, globalisation

Help pagesEdit

All done here! Except rare cases which can be seen in the automatic lists below and are not as important.

Informative pagesEdit

All done here as well! Except some "hub" pages, historical pages like release notes and other "static"outdated content not suitable for translation.

Dynamic listsEdit

Lists not manually assessed.


All done!


  1. Manual:Upgrading to 1.9/ja
  2. Manual:Upgrading to 1.9/es
  3. Manual:Upgrading to 1.9/de
  4. Manual:Upgrading to 1.9/ca
  5. Manual:Upgrading to 1.9
  6. Manual:Upgrading to 1.8/ru
  7. Manual:Upgrading to 1.8/ja
  8. Manual:Upgrading to 1.8/fr
  9. Manual:Upgrading to 1.8/de
  10. Manual:Upgrading to 1.8
  11. Manual:Upgrading to 1.7/tr
  12. Manual:Upgrading to 1.7/ja
  13. Manual:Upgrading to 1.7/de
  14. Manual:Upgrading to 1.7
  15. Manual:Upgrading to 1.6/de
  16. Manual:Upgrading to 1.6
  17. Manual:Upgrading to 1.13/ru
  18. Manual:Upgrading to 1.13/de
  19. Manual:Upgrading to 1.13
  20. Manual:Upgrading to 1.12/ru
  21. Manual:Upgrading to 1.12/ja
  22. Manual:Upgrading to 1.12/fr
  23. Manual:Upgrading to 1.12/es
  24. Manual:Upgrading to 1.12/de
  25. Manual:Upgrading to 1.12
  26. Manual:Upgrading to 1.11/ru
  27. Manual:Upgrading to 1.11/pl
  28. Manual:Upgrading to 1.11/ja
  29. Manual:Upgrading to 1.11/fr
  30. Manual:Upgrading to 1.11/de
  31. Manual:Upgrading to 1.11
  32. Manual:Upgrading to 1.10/zh
  33. Manual:Upgrading to 1.10/ru
  34. Manual:Upgrading to 1.10/ja
  35. Manual:Upgrading to 1.10/es
  36. Manual:Upgrading to 1.10/de
  37. Manual:Upgrading to 1.10
  38. Manual:TikiWiki Conversion/ru
  39. Manual:TikiWiki Conversion
  40. Manual:Skinning/Vector/zh
  41. Manual:Skinning/Vector
  42. Manual:Skinning/Archive/zh
  43. Manual:Skinning/Archive/ru
  44. Manual:Skinning/Archive/ja
  45. Manual:Skinning/Archive
  46. Manual:Running MediaWiki on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11/zh
  47. Manual:Running MediaWiki on OS X Mavericks/ja
  48. Manual:Running MediaWiki on macOS/ja
  49. Manual:Running MediaWiki on macOS/fr
  50. Manual:Running MediaWiki on macOS
  51. Manual:Running MediaWiki on GNU/Linux/ru
  52. Manual:Running MediaWiki on GNU/Linux/ja
  53. Manual:Running MediaWiki on GNU/Linux/fr
  54. Manual:Running MediaWiki on GNU/Linux
  55. Manual:Running MediaWiki on FreeBSD/ja
  56. Manual:Running MediaWiki on FreeBSD
  57. Manual:Pywikibot/
  58. Manual:Pywikibot/
  59. Manual:Pywikibot/
  60. Manual:Pywikibot/
  61. Manual:Pywikibot/Use on third-party wikis/es
  62. Manual:Pywikibot/Use on third-party wikis
  63. Manual:Pywikibot/refLinks/it
  64. Manual:Pywikibot/refLinks/fr
  65. Manual:Pywikibot/refLinks
  66. Manual:Pywikibot/
  67. Manual:Pywikibot/
  68. Manual:Pywikibot/
  69. Manual:Pywikibot/
  70. Manual:Pywikibot/
  71. Manual:Pywikibot/
  72. Manual:Pywikibot/
  73. Manual:Pywikibot/
  74. Manual:Pywikibot/
  75. Manual:Pywikibot/
  76. Manual:Pywikibot/cosmetic
  77. Manual:Pywikibot/cosmetic
  78. Manual:Installation/Creating system accounts/ja
  79. Manual:Installation/Creating system accounts
  80. Manual:Importing XML dumps/zh
  81. Manual:Importing XML dumps/ru
  82. Manual:Importing XML dumps/pt-br
  83. Manual:Importing XML dumps/pl
  84. Manual:Importing XML dumps/ja
  85. Manual:Importing XML dumps/fr
  86. Manual:Importing XML dumps/es
  87. Manual:Importing XML dumps/en
  88. Manual:Importing XML dumps/de
  89. Manual:Importing XML dumps
  90. Manual:Hooks/EditFilterMerged/tr
  91. Manual:Hooks/EditFilterMerged/ja
  92. Manual:Hooks/EditFilterMerged
  93. Manual:Guide to setting up interwiki linking/fr
  94. Manual:Guide to setting up interwiki linking
  95. Manual:Glossary/pt
  96. Manual:Glossary/ja
  97. Manual:Glossary/de
  98. Manual:Glossary
  99. Manual:Forms/ja
  100. Manual:Forms
  101. Manual:External editors/zh
  102. Manual:External editors/pt-br
  103. Manual:External editors/it
  104. Manual:External editors/ia
  105. Manual:External editors/fr
  106. Manual:External editors/es
  107. Manual:External editors/de
  108. Manual:External editors/Control files/pt-br
  109. Manual:External editors/Control files
  110. Manual:External editors
  111. Manual:Contents/To do/pt-br
  112. Manual:Contents/To do

No pages meet these criteria.