Outreachy/Round 5

Round 5 edit

The round was from January 2 to April 2, 2013. We were participating with 6 internships - 4 funded by the Wikimedia Foundation and 2 sponsored by Google.

Projects edit

Candidates selected
User name Name Location Microtask Project Mentor(s)
Priyanka Nag Priyanka Nag Pune, India Importing features from Russian Wikipedia page into other Wikipedia pages Documenting noteworthy local templates Amir E. Aharoni
Valeriej Valerie Juarez Sour Lake, Texas Bug Triaging Create Workflow Proposal and Organize Public Bug Days Andre Klapper - Quim Gil
Sucheta Ghoshal Sucheta Ghoshal Kolkata, India Bug 39441: Add tooltips to the icons for session and user lists EtherEditor Mark Holmquist
Chot Teresa Cho Redwood City, CA Python script to keep specific files from a git repository up to date. Write an extension for pulling files from a git repository Sébastien Santoro
Mitevam Mariya Miteva NYC, USA / Sofia, Bulgaria List of about five healthy MediaWiki vendors and consultants Find MediaWiki vendors Sumana Harihareswara - James Forrester
Isarra Kim Schoonover Colorado, USA A few patches commited Help develop design documents for Flow Brandon Harris - Heather Walls

Lessons learned edit

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