Outreachy/Round 27

Wikimedia is taking part as a mentoring organization for Outreachy Round 27.

Outreachy Round 25

Program timeline edit

(borrowed from https://www.outreachy.org/apply/project-selection/)

Outreachy Kick Off Session, December 2023
August 08, 2023 at 16:00 UTC Initial applications open
August 22 at 16:00 UTC Initial application deadline
October 06 Project list finalized
October 02 – October 30 Contribute to projects
October 30 at 16:00 UTC Final Application Deadline
November 20 at 16:00 UTC Accepted interns announced
December 04, 2023 – March 01, 2024 Internship period

Selected projects edit

Name Pronouns Location Project Mentor(s) Updates
Esther Ibom She/her/hers FCT, Abuja, Nigeria [1]Improve Improve documentation of Programs & Events Dashboard Sage Ross, Amine Hassou BlogPosts
Gabina Luz She/her/hers Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina [2]Improve how Wiki Education Dashboard counts references added Sage Ross, Amine Hassou BlogPosts
Okereke Chinweotito He/him/his Imo State, Nigeria [3]Integrate Wikimedia Ecosystem within BUB2 tool Anmol Wassan, Parthiv Menon, Satdeep Gill, Sam Wilson BlogPosts
Shriya Chaitanya Kamat Tarcar She/her/hers Panaji, Goa, India [4]Multilingual Wikipedia Editor Survey Mike Raish BlogPosts
Oyindamola Olatunji She/her/hers Lagos, Nigeria [5]Assist Capacity Exchange Development Andi Inácio, Éder Porto, Jan-Bart de Vreede BlogPosts
Boluwatife Adetayo She/her/hers Nigeria [6]Wikicurricula as a user interface for Wikidata for Education Sailesh Patnaik, Nat Hernández Clavijo, Luca Martinelli BlogPosts
Alwoch Sophia She/her/hers Kampala, Uganda [7]Addressing the Lusophone technological wishlist proposals Éder Porto, Mike Peel, Albertoleoncio BlogPosts

Recommended steps for accepted interns edit

See Outreachy/Participants#Accepted_participants

Contact edit

We encourage applicants to communicate in the public streams and refrain from sending private emails/messages whenever possible. Open communication allows fellow applicants to learn from your questions. It also gives all community members a chance to answer your queries. This way, queries get answered sooner and the administrators do not become a bottleneck. Also see our communication tips.