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MediaWiki documentatio

Tämä on MediaWiki-ohjelmiston tekninen manuaali. It contains information for developers and system administrators on installing, managing and developing for the MediaWiki software.

Tämä ohje ei ole MediaWikin loppukäyttäjiä varten. If you are looking for documentation to help you use MediaWiki, read the MediaWiki Handbook.


For system administrators

MediaWikin latausten opaskirja
Lataa | Asennus | Initial configuration
Aakkosellinen lista asetuksista | Tehtävänmukainen lista asetuksista
System administration
Guide to do administrative tasks on your wiki.
Backing up | Maintenance scripts
Guide to upgrade your MediaWiki installation.
More on Sysadmin hub .


An overview of the key parts of MediaWiki's source code.
Code | Global object variables | Doxygen-generated documentation
Database layout
Details about the database architecture used by MediaWiki.
MySQL/MariaDB | PostgreSQL | SQLite
Developing extensions
An overview of the ways to create a new MediaWiki extension.
Hooks | Parser functions |Tag | Special page | Ulkoasut
Web access
Details about query string parameters that can be passed to MediaWiki access scripts.
index.php | api.php
More on Kehittäjien luola .


MediaWiki FAQ
Frequently asked questions about MediaWiki.

Manuaalin selailu

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Manuaalin parantaminen

  • There are still a lot of holes in this manual!

See the Wikimedia technical documentation: friends of the docs for details (page in English).

If you can't find information on a particular issue in this documentation, please visit Help:Contents.

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