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There are several email lists that exist for discussion of the MediaWiki software. Note that these lists are not appropriate places for discussing issues with Wikipedia or any other Wikimedia Foundation wiki. The complete list of all MediaWiki mailing lists is on Meta.

The lists are all available as ordinary email discussion lists, which you may subscribe to by using the links in the table below.

Liste Beschreibung

mediawiki-l Für Administratoren und Nutzer der MediaWiki-Software in Projekten mit keinem Bezug auf Wikipedia; darunter Diskussionen über neue Funktionen und Entwicklung. Wenn man Schwierigkeiten mit der eigenen Installation von MediaWiki hat, dann ist dies der Ort, wo man um Hilfe bitten kann.

wikitech-l For discussion of technical issues with Wikimedia servers, features and development of the MediaWiki software, etc. This is not a forum for user help (see mediawiki-l, above). Some more information is available at wikitech-l .

mediawiki-announce A low traffic list for announcements about new MediaWiki releases and security updates. All messages to this list also go to mediawiki-l, so you don't need to be on both.

mediawiki-api-announce A low-traffic list for announcements about the API, such as breaking changes and new MediaWiki releases. All messages to this list also go to mediawiki-api, so you don't need to be on both.

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