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PD Eskertiw: Bul betti ózgertkenińizde, siz CC0 astında óz úlesińizdi qosıwǵa razılıq bildiresiz. Qosımsha maǵlıwmat ushın Ulıwma ortalıq járdem betlerine qarań.

Special pages are pages that are created by the software on demand. They are located in their own namespace (Special) and are not editable directly as other pages.

Some special pages depend on the preferences that have been set by a user, e.g., the number of titles which is displayed on a user's watchlist.

List of special pages

Clicking the link SpecialPages will take you to a list of almost all special pages on a wiki. Such a link is often accessible in the toolbox on the left-hand panel. Some special pages can be transcluded.

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