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特別ページは要求に応じてソフトウェアによって作成されるページです。それらは独自の Special 名前空間に設置され他のページと同様に直接は編集できません。


Special pages also take parameters, e.g., Special:Log/block takes you to the log of block users.

To view a directory of all special pages, use Special:SpecialPages.


Special: 名前空間は、MediaWiki によって生成される特別ページを意味します。それには対応するトークページはありません。特別ページはウィキテキストで構成されていないため、他のページのようには編集できません。

通常、これらにはMediaWiki名前空間からのシステムメッセージ が含まれており、インターフェイス管理者が編集できます。

The ampersand character (&) is not allowed.


特別ページを他の内部ページと同じようにリンクできます (例: [[Special:Diff|see diff page]])。一部の特別ページでは、スラッシュ文字の後にパラメーター値を指定できます。例えば、[[Special:Diff/6372234]] は $param URL パラメーターに「123」という値を渡します。

Some special pages are transcludable, and some other ones are not. For example, you may transclude the list of recent changes with {{Special:RecentChanges}}. But, transcluding {{Special:Random}} gives Special:Random.

You cannot create a redirection towards a special page: it will display a link towards the page instead of a direct redirect to it. However, some special pages have built-in aliases which redirect to them.

Links containing URL query strings

Since the ampersand (&) is not allowed, you can't create a standard link with &action=edit or &redirect=no in the URL query string.

Page name alias and localization

Unlike other namespaces, the first heading of pages in the Special: namespace is not consistent with the page name in the URL. The Special: prefix is not displayed, and the heading text may vary a bit from the page name.

Each special page has a default English name, but it may also have aliases, i.e. other special page names which redirect to it. Besides, on non-English wikis (i.e. $wgLanguageCode different from “en”), special page names are localized, and English names are aliases which redirect to the localized page name.

The localized aliases only work in one language per wiki, in addition to English ones; e.g. Italian special page names only work on Italian wikis. Multilingual wikis with Translate extension only support English names.

The Special: namespace prefix itself may be localized depending on the wiki content language.

For example, in each project's language, the word used for "Special" in special page names like Special:Statistics is different. Here is the equivalent term in each language:

  • Spanish: Especial:Estadísticas
  • Dutch: Speciaal:Statistieken
  • French: Spécial:Statistiques
  • German: Spezial:Statistik


Special:SpecialPages は、ウィキ上のほとんどすべての特別ページの一覧を列挙します。通常はサイド パネルのツールボックスからリンクされています。

この一覧: 閲覧 · トーク · 編集

By role

General information

  • Special:AllMessages: This lists and allows editing of all system messages used on MediaWiki. You can use system messages using Template:Int.
  • Special:SiteMatrix: A table containing a column of several languages and their shortcut codes across multiple Wikimedia projects.
  • Special:SpecialPages: A list of popular tools and functions for managing and navigating the wiki.
  • Special:Statistics: This shows site statistics like the number of content pages, edits, users, etc.
  • Special:Version: This shows the version of the software and details about installed extensions, skins, etc.

Lists of pages

  • Special:AllPages: This lists all MediaWiki pages in a specified namespace from a given starting point. A user can specify a starting point as a parameter, like Special:AllPages/T (for pages in the main namespace starting with "T"), or Special:AllPages/Template: (for pages in the Template namespace starting from the beginning). The listing order follows alphabetical order.
  • Special:Categories: This shows an alphabetical list of categories and the number of pages in each.
  • Special:CategoryTree: This displays categories in a hierarchical tree structure.

Special:ListFiles: This lists uploaded images and files, sortable by size or date.

Special Tools

Latest changes made


Global users





The below pages are accessible only to users with a particular privilege level.

Rarely updated

The below pages are rarely updated. The following special pages are updated on a less regular schedule. Some may be analogous on cloud services.

  • Special:AncientPages: This displays a list of old pages, sorted based on the oldest first. It's updated monthly on the 8th and 22th of every month.[2]
  • Special:DeadendPages: This lists pages that do not have any outgoing links to other pages within the wiki. It's updated monthly, on the 9th and 23rd of every month.[3]
  • Special:FewestRevisions: This lists pages with few revisions. It's updated monthly, on the 16th of every month. [4]
  • Special:LonelyPages: This lists pages with no links in them. It's updated monthly, on the 15th of every month. [5]
  • Special:MostCategories: This lists pages with a large number of categories. It's updated monthly, on the 16th of every month. [6]
  • Special:MostLinkedCategories: This lists the categories with the highest number of pages. It's updated monthly on the 17th of every month.[7]
  • Special:MostLinkedPages: This lists pages with the most incoming links from other pages. It's updated monthly on the 10th and 24th of every month. [8]
  • Special:MostRevisions: This lists pages with the highest number of edits. It's updated monthly, on the 11th and 25th of every month. [9]
  • Special:MostTranscludedPages or Special:MostLinkedTemplates: This lists the templates that are transcluded the most pages, excluding transclusions via a redirect. It's updated monthly, on the 18th of every month. [10]
  • Special:UncategorizedCategories: This lists all category pages that do not have a parent category or are not part of a larger category hierarchy. It's updated monthly, on the 19th of every month. [11]
  • Special:WantedPages: This lists non-existent pages that have been linked from other pages, indicating needed content. It's updated monthly, on the 12th and 26th of every month.[12]
  • Special:WantedTemplates: This lists non-existent templates that have been used on other pages, indicating missing templates that need to be created. It's updated monthly, on the 20th of every month. [13]


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