Help:New filters for edit review/Live updates

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Location of the two options in the toolbar.

Live Updates update the results of filtered changes every 3 seconds. This feature helps people who overview recent changes. When not activated, a time-stamped link "View new changes since $1" appears on top of the results to invite the user to update the page.

How does it work edit

Overview edit

In live update mode, changes are displayed on the page as close to real time as they can be. Updates are made every 3 seconds. If no change matching the filers happen during those 3 seconds, the list is not updated.

New changes are added to the top of the page, with a small fade to notice them and a separation line. Filter those changes will narrow the list of results and increase efficiency.

The user's scroll position remains at the top of the page, so that the user can track new changes as they appear. Meanwhile, as results are added at the top, they disappear from the bottom. If the user scrolls to check a particular edit, the list will be updated.

When Live updates are active, the time-stamped link "View new changes since $1" is not displayed.

Activate and deactivate edit

When the user clicks the Live Updates button, it turns blue. It pulses to state that Live Updates is active. The list of changes is updated regularly.

Clicking the button a second time turns off Live Updates, and turns the button back to white. The results are then updated to show the last edits made. The time-stamped link "View new changes since $1" is displayed.

Grouped changes mode edit

Live Updates works differently in "Group changes by page" mode than normal mode. In normal mode, results are simply added to the top of the results page; this is the intended way to use this. In "Group changes by page" mode, the entire page will update each time. The new results can be integrated where relevant with the other changes from their same page.

Compatibility edit

If you change the filters or the highlights, the live results will be updated accordingly.

It is not possible to save the status of Live Updates. Live Updates must be turned on manually for a saved set of filters.

That feature is not available for users who opted-out the filters.