Help:New filters for edit review/FAQ

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What changes with this feature? edit

On wikis that have the ORES feature edit

The ORES feature may be available in your Beta preferences on your wiki. When the deployment will be done:

  • Users who has enabled the ORES beta feature are now using the New filters for RC Beta feature (no action needed, unless if you want to opt-out).
  • ORES predictions highlighting is activated by default for all users (not in Beta anymore).
    • It is symbolized by a “r” in the RecentChanges pages, for all users.
    • Users who want to change the accuracy level of ORES predictions can do so in their preferences, on their wiki.

On wikis that haven't ORES feature edit

You will have access to filtering and highlighting options, but not the quality and intent predictions.

How can I help around that feature? edit

There is many ways to help: translate the documentation and the interface, and provide feedback.

If you want to provide feedback about the filters, please leave a message on the feedback page. You can leave messages in any language, answers will very probably be done in English. Concerning feedback, especially for bugs reporting, don't forget to add the relevant information needed: browser version, possible gadgets you use, detailed actions you have tried to achieve...

You can also translate the documentation, starting with the main page, or the interface. Interface translation is done on TranslateWiki. Filter the messages to find eri-rcfilters, rcfilters and ores-rcfilters.

I want to enable ORES predictions on my wiki edit

Please go to ORES/Get support and follow the instructions.

I want to hide ORES highlighting edit

If you have oped-out the filters in Recent Changes, Watchlist or any list where changes are listed, you can see all bad-faith intent changes highlighted by a red letter. There is also a pale yellow background that you can opt-in, in your preferences, in the Watchlist tab.

On the wiki where you want to custom ORES predictions highlighting, go to your personal CSS file and copy/paste on it the following codes that you need:

Change the color of the warning letter (to black)
.ores-damaging {color:black;}
Hide the Letter
.ores-damaging {display:none;}

I'm missing some features, what's planned next? edit

At the moment, no important changes are scheduled for that feature.

How to opt-out the filters and keep the old interface active? edit

You can opt out of the new filters by going to your preferences on the wikis you are active on:

Is it possible to have the filters list smaller? edit

You can add the following script to your common.js page to do so:

// [[File:User:MSchottlender-WMF/MinimalRCFilters.js]] (BROKEN ON PURPOSE! see [[phab:T35355]])
mw.loader.load( '' );

Please do not "fix" the File: link in the comment; it is like that on purpose. It is meant to allow us to see how many people use the script.