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指導役向けのリソース コミュニティ対応のリソース

画像を追加により、利用者はウィキペディアの記事に画像を付け加えて適切にキャプション(画像の解説文)を足すことができます。 これらの画像は正確な場合も、 記事には適合しない場合もあります。 皆さんは利用者として、内容を読み画像が適正かどうか判断をお願いします。



「画像を追加」はモバイルビューでもデスクトップビューでも使えます。ほかのGrowth 機能と同様に、「画像を追加」はAndroidならびにiOSのアプリ版には未導入です。




機械から画像をお勧めします。 機械だからパーフェクトではありません!

You will decide whether a suggested image should be put in a Wikipedia article. Suggestions are machine-generated, and you'll use your judgment to decide whether to accept or reject them.

For each article, we provide one image to review. Only articles without any image will be suggested.

For images that you accept, you'll write a short caption, and then your edit will be published.

How to add images

Step 1
Go to your Homepage
The homepage is the central place where are all other Suggested edits.
Step 2
If not already done, enable "お勧めの編集".
Step 3
In Suggested Edits, select "Add a suggested image".
You can select the topic you want to work on.
Step 4
Find an article you'd like to work on.
Explanation of "Add a image"
Step 5
The article opens in "Suggested edits" mode.
You will see a small explanation panel, that summarizes how "Add a image" work.
Step 6
It is time to choose if the suggested image should be added.
Use the filename, description, and the reason it was suggested to help you decide if it should be placed in the article.
The step where the image is reviewed, in Spanish language.
Step 7
Review the image carefully.
Read over the article and think about whether the suggested image will help readers understand the content. Is it appropriate to be displayed in the article?
You have the following choices for the image:
  • yes (it will add the image)
  • no (it won't add the image)
  • I don't know (it won't add the image)
If you click on "no" or "I don't know", you will be asked why the image is not the right fit. This way, we can improve suggestions.
Step 8
Add a caption
Write a brief description showing why this image is relevant to the article.
Adding a caption is mandatory.
This caption will appear below the image.
  • Review the image details to find information that is relevant to include. It could be a date, a location, a detail in the picture, etc.
  • Describe the image in a way that makes it clear how it relates to the article. Write the caption using your own words.
  • Avoid adjectives such as "good", "ugly" or "pretty" to be neutral.
  • Write in the language of the article.
Step 9
Review and save
When you have added the caption to the image, click on "変更を公開...". A summary is displayed.
If you are satisfied with your choice, click again on "変更を公開..."
You have successfully added an image to Wikipedia!
Your edit is immediately visible in Wikipedia's recent changes page. It has been tagged as a Suggested Edit.


These features are available for new accounts. Older accounts need to enable the Homepage and the Help panel in their preferences. Discover how to enable these features.

At the moment, this feature is only available for some users (A/B test). A way to get Add an image to your account is provided for users willing to test the feature.

Learn more

Images are suggested because they are used at other versions of Wikipedia, or because they are used on the article's Wikidata item.

"Add a image" is part of the "Structured tasks" project, from the Growth team.

Add a image adds a new standard way to edit the wikis. Before, users could use "wikitext editing" or "visual editing". Add a image adds a new edit mode "suggested editing".

To learn more about the project, and the system that finds images to suggest, please visit the project page.