Growth team newsletter #24 edit


Welcome to the twenty-fourth newsletter from the Growth team!

Newcomer experience projects edit

The Growth team partnered with other WMF teams to conduct several experiments around increasing account creation and new editor retention. Results from four of these experiments are now available:

Newcomer tasks edit

  • Several communities suggested improving "add a link", by suggesting underlinked articles first. We released this change to Growth pilot wikis. We will review the data and collect feedback before considering releasing it to more wikis. [1]
  • The deployment of the "add a link" to all Wikipedias is still in progress. Suggested links use a prediction model, which has to be trained. The deployments will resume after we finish training all models. [2]

Mentorship edit

  • When someone wants to signup as a mentor, they are now informed if they don't meet the defined criteria. [3]
  • Workshop hosts asked us to have workshop attendees assigned to them. They can soon use a custom URL parameter. This way, workshop hosts will continue mentoring the event's attendees after the workshop. It will be available in February. [4]
  • Have you considered to help new editors on your wiki, by signing up to be a Mentor?

Other news edit

  • In Special:SpecialPages, Growth experiments now have their own section. [5]
  • This newsletter will have a new publication period, 6 times a year: January, March, May, July, September, November.

Translations edit

  • Newsletter translation: We are looking for translators for this newsletter. If you are interested and have the needed English language proficiency to assist, then please add your name to this list. You will receive an invite on your talk page to translate the newsletter when it is ready.
  • Interface translation: You can also help by translating the interface, or reviewing translations to make them more inclusive. Interface translations are hosted at

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