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  • The brief version of the proposal is fully translated into Indonesian. Thanks to Daud I.F. Argana and Bennylin! {{🌎🌍🌏}}

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Slides in English and Russian for the presentation at WikidataCon 2021
Slides in English and French for the presentation at WikiConference North America 2021

September 2021 edit

Slides in English and Russian for the presentation at Wiki-conference Russia 2021

August 2021 edit

Slides for the Wikimania 2021 presentation (text in English in Russian)

July 2021 edit

  • Global templates were mentioned in the 2021–2022 Annual Plan Conversation with the WMF Product and Technology departments (the link leads to YouTube video recording; the relevant part begins at 18:34). Short summary of the CPO’s response: “Global templates fit with what we’re doing. We’re thinking of technical challenges and putting together a plan for the second half of this year. I agree it’s an impactful project. There are challenges around implementation and moderation. The relevant objectives are two, ‘Platform Evolution’ and one, ‘Thriving movement’ (ensure that Wikimedians have the systems they need to succeed and the tools and information to safely succeed).” {{🌎🌍🌏}}

May 2021 edit

  • A small, but significant update in the long version of the specification: The code of the templates in the central repository will use the generic English names of tags, parser functions, and magic words. (As follow-up to a discussion at {{🌎🌍🌏}}

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Slides for the presentation at the Catalan wiki meeting (Viquitrobada), in English and Catalan
Video of the presentation “Global templates, now” in the Catalan wiki meeting (Viquitrobada), in English and Catalan.

October 2020 edit

Video presentation: Translatable modules - Better workflows for onwiki developers. Includes extensive Q&A.
Video presentation: The frontend of WikiCite

September 2020 edit

Video presentation about Translatable modules launch as part of the Language showcase
  • The official Translatable modules consultation is launched. When completed, it will address the sections of the specification that deal with localization of modules. {{🌎🌍🌏}}

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Language showcase May 2020. Global templates are discussed at the 21 minutes mark.

April 2020 edit

  • Wikidata founder Denny publishes an article about his Multilingual Wikipedia proposal in the English Wikipedia Signpost. It directly mentions this proposal, and sparks some discussion. {{🌎🌍🌏}}

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Amir Aharoni talks about Global templates at Wikimedia Technical Conference 2019
  • The topic was discussed at a workshop with Language team members and Catalan Wikipedians. Catalan Wikipedians showcased their project to make templates that are reusable in all languages and can be relatively robustly translated, as well as examples of templates that embed structured data uniformly using Wikidata properties and data files.
  • The proposal pages are no longer marked as “draft”. It is still not an official project, but there isn’t much more to write.
  • The topic was discussed at the Wikimedia Tech Conf 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia as a part of Developer Productivity & onwiki tooling. Global templates was recommended by the participants as one of the leading solutions to the current issues with templates.
    • There was a good discussion about how this huge task could be divided into smaller and more manageable tasks that could be implemented independently.
    • It looks like there is consensus that the first thing to make global is modules, and once they become stable, templates can be considered.
  • Amir cleaned up the subtasks and parent tasks of task T121470. See {{🌎🌍🌏}}

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This is a brief history of similar past proposals and attempts to implement them. If you know anything more, please add here!