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Fandom,之前曾被称为Wikicities,后改名为Wikia,是一家免費的、含廣告的網站托管服務,其使用版本的MediaWiki作為托管引擎。 Its main focus is wikis related to pop culture such as TV shows, movies and video games.

Fandom was co-founded by Jimmy Wales, who also co-created Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation, and has had several other Wikimedia Foundation board members among its executives. For that reason, it has sometimes been described as the commercial arm of the Wikimedia Foundation. However, there is no official connection between Fandom and either Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation.


In 2020, Fandom released its Unified Community Platform (UCP), which enabled its wikis to again make use of standard MediaWiki after having relied on a heavily forked version for many years.


其UCP(統一社區平臺)儲存庫位於,目前仍未公開。 See this page for additional information.



至于其它的扩展就放在Fandom专属的Git存储库(于/extensions/wikia/文件夹)。大部分的扩展可能都仰赖Nirvana(可由/includes/wikia/nirvana找到),EasyTemplate类别(在Fandom的Git文件夹/includes/wikia/)和/或它们可能需要自定义数据库表。 有些扩展无法兼容较新的版本。