EMWCon Spring 2018

The Enterprise MediaWiki Conference Spring 2018, or EMWCon Spring 2018, will be held March 21-23 in Houston, TX. EMWCon is a three-day conference featuring discussions of topics related to "Enterprise MediaWiki", i.e. the usage of MediaWiki software by and within companies, non-profits, governments, and other organizations. The intended audience of EMWCon Spring 2018 is anyone who uses, or would like to learn more about, MediaWiki within organizations.

EMWCon Spring 2018
EMWCon brings together developers, users, and organizations of "enterprise MediaWiki" from around the world.
Conference Details
Location: Houston, TX, USA
Start: March 21, 2018
Finish: March 23, 2018
General Chair: Mark Hershberger
Local Chair: Frank Taylor
Registration Chair: Yaron Koren
Program Chair: Ginger Hershberger
Create Camp Chair: James Montalvo
Audience: Administrators, Business, Academia, Developers, Community, MediaWiki Users

This is the third EMWCon. EMWCon began as a spinoff of the Semantic MediaWiki Conference, or SMWCon, which is an annual conference held each fall in Europe. EMWCon and SMWCon are both three-day conferences with similar topics of discussion, though EMWCon has a broader scope.

Houston Technology Center (main campus)

Event details edit

    Photo of the Houston Technology Center from the intersection of Pierce and Bagby in Midtown
    Dates: Wed-Fri, March 21-23 2018
  • Times: 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Location: Main Campus of the
    Houston Technology Center (HTC) map street parking wiki.
    410 Pierce Street
    Houston, TX 77002
    (713) 658-1750
    Entrance to the Houston Technology Center on Pierce St. in Midtown
    Photo of the Houston Technology Center from the intersection of Pierce and Brazos in Midtown
  • Chat:   EMWCon Houston 2018 Group Chat (Telegram)
  • Twitter: #EMWCon
  • Videos/Photos: Commons category, YouTube playlist

Organizers edit

The organizers of EMWCon Spring 2018 are:

  • General Chair: Mark Hershberger
  • Local Chair: Frank Taylor
  • Registration Chair: Yaron Koren
  • Program Chair: Ginger Hershberger
  • Create Camp Chair: James Montalvo
  • Video Chair: Greg Rundlett
  • Chair Emeritus: Cindy Cicalese

Program edit

Conference Day 1 - Wednesday, March 21, 2018
8:30 - 9:10 AM          Doors open - Registration & Breakfast
9:10 - 9:15 AM   Welcome and Logistics - Mark Hershberger
9:15 - 10:45 AM Tutorial 1/Create Camp 1 (concurrent sessions)
10:45 - 11 AM   Coffee break
11 AM - 12:30 PM Tutorial 2/Create Camp 2 (concurrent sessions)
12:30 - 2 PM   Lunch (onsite)
2 - 3:30 PM Afternoon Session 1
3:30 - 4 PM   Coffee break
4 - 5:30 PM Afternoon Session 2
5:30 PM End of Conference Day
5:30 PM - ? Informal group dinners
Conference Day 2 - Thursday, March 22, 2018
8:30 - 9 AM          Breakfast (onsite)
9 - 10:30 AM Morning Session 1
10:30 - 11 AM   Coffee break
11 AM - 12 PM Morning Session 2
12 - 1:30 PM   Lunch (onsite)
1:30 - 3 PM Afternoon Session 1
3 - 3:30 PM   Coffee break
3:30 - 5 PM Afternoon Session 2
5 PM End of Conference Day
8-10 PM   Conference dinner
Conference Day 3 - Friday, March 23, 2018
8:30 - 9 AM                      Breakfast (onsite)
9 - 11:30 AM Morning Session 1
11:30 - 11:35 AM   Break
11:35 AM - 12:30 PM Morning Session 2
12:30 - 1:30 PM   Lunch (onsite)
1:30 - 4 PM Create Camp 3
4:30 - 5 PM Closing Session (Show and Tell)
5 PM End of EMWCon

  indicates that video will be available after the conference and that the presenter has agreed to have video tape released.

Registration edit

To register for EMWCon, please go to the EMWCon Spring 2018 page at Eventbrite.

The cost for the three-day event is:

  • $424.35 - standard rate
  • $160.41 - students and freelancers

(If you would be paying your own way, go with the lower rate. If your company or organization is paying, the standard rate applies.)

Sign-up edit

Also, feel free to add your name to the informal registration signup, below:

  1. Peter J. Woudsma, NATO
  2. Lex Sulzer, dataspects
  3. Wolfgang Fahl, BITPlan/ProfiWiki (Unfortunately had to cancel last minute)
  4. Yaron Koren
  5. Bryan Hilderbrand
  6. Mark A. Hershberger
  7. Cindy Cicalese
  8. Greg Rundlett eQuality Technology
  9. Daren Welsh
  10. Costa Mavridis, NASA/SGT
  11. Evita Hollis
  12. Tony Mallia, Edmond Scientific
  13. Ad Strack van Schijndel, Wikibase Solutions
  14. Ben Fletcher
  15. Frank Taylor
  16. Michael Barylak
  17. Chris Koerner
  18. Ike Hecht, WikiWorks
  19. Vincent Brooks NASA/Cimarron
  20. Erik Biegert NASA/Leidos
  21. Rich Evans, NASA-GRC
  22. Gergő Tisza
  23. David Strine
  24. Jared Olson NASA/SGT
  25. Ginger Hershberger
  26. Sabine Melnicki, WikiAhoi
  27. James Montalvo
  28. Brian Wolff
  29. Greg Anderson, NASA/SGT

Lightning talks edit

To give a lightning talk, just add the proposed title and your name, below:

  • MediaWiki vs. Confluence - Greg Rundlett (Wednesday)
  • Learning from Airtable - Yaron Koren (Wednesday)
  • MediaWiki and the European GDPR (datencockpit.at) – Sabine Melnicki (Thursday)
  • MediaWiki vs. SharePoint - Tony Mallia (Thursday)
  • Maybe room for another? (Thursday)

Create Camp ideas edit

Etherpad: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/CreateCamp18

Add your ideas for Create Camp activities below:

  1. Add filtering to the Wiretap extension
  2. Add rollovers (see example) to the ImageMap extension
  3. Add a new field type, "Rating", to the Cargo extension
  4. Improve documentation for the meza application
  5. Create some SMW showcase examples with documentation on the creation process at the enterprisemediawiki.org demo wiki
  6. Notify VisualEditor users about session expiration BEFORE it expires
  7. make two wikis with a common custom namespace function like a single wiki (508??? Compliance)
    • one is open and all standard namespaces act as normal, but custom namespace redirects user automatically to 2nd wiki which is closed (i.e. protected)
    • second wiki does the reverse. all normal namespaces redirect to the 1st (open) wiki, and only the cusotom namespace is editable (if you are an approved user)

Local accommodations edit

METRO is the agency for public transportation in Houston, Texas. The services include the bus and the light rail. A handy way to pay the fare of $1.25 for three hours is the Q Card.

Social activities edit

  • The conference dinner, which is included in the cost of the conference, will be Thursday evening at Hugo's.
  • Conference attendees may choose to go in small groups to local eateries for dinner on Wednesday night.
  • The conference venue is about a 30 minute drive from NASA's Johnson Space Center. Attendees may choose to visit Space Center Houston, the official visitor center of the Johnson Space Center. Sign up below if you would like to visit Space Center Houston with other conference attendees Saturday after the conference. The cost of entry into Space Center Houston is not included in the cost of the conference.

Visit Space Center Houston on Saturday
  1. Neus López Mata
  2. Gergő
  3. Lex
  4. Sabine
  5. Cindy
  6. Nancy
  7. Brian
  8. David Strine