EMWCon Spring 2018/Enterprise Managed Knowledge Capture

Enterprise Managed Knowledge Capture

Presenter     Anthony Mallia
Event Enterprise MediaWiki Conference (EMWCon) Spring 2018
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  • Enterprise Engineering is about architecture and transformation
  • Problem with existing tooling is that it is team oriented not enterprise oriented
  • SMW development is fast enough to be able to build tools economically on demand
  • Most of the prototypes we have built are aimed at IT Tooling (IT4IT)
Portfolio/Program/Project oversight
Infrastructure configuration
Enterprise Architecture relating to systems
Health Informatics Platform
  • Example is knowledge collection of Controlled Unclassified Information in US Federal Agencies
Questionnaires have a lifecycle and are issued to known users
Rules control what a user can see and modify
Status in the lifecycle of each questionnaire is visible
  • Positioning SMW for Enterprise Engineering tool development