EMWCon Spring 2018/Implementing EPPO on SMW

Implementing EPPO on SMW

Presenter     Lex Sulzer and Sabine Melnicki
Event Enterprise MediaWiki Conference (EMWCon) Spring 2018
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Subjects exploredEdit

General Semantic Business Domain ModelingEdit

Workflow "How to model a business domain in SMW from scratch"Edit

  • Principles
  • Reasoning "Facet-Driven Inside-Out-Bottom-Up"
  • Effective attitudes
  • Concepts
  • Methodologies
  • Best Practices/Experiences

dataspects EPPO-style Knowledge Communication FrameworkEdit

Which aspects make a knowledge communication framework?Edit

Aspect "Relevant search" (→ EMWCon_Spring_2018/Enterprise_Knowledge_Management_including_SMW)Edit
Aspect "Single-type, multi-roles, EPPO-styled knowledge entities (subjects/topics) related by regular and irregular subject affinities"Edit
Aspect "SDMS"Edit
oRepositoryDSKMFCoreLocal = Dataspects::HTTPRepository.new(
oRepositoryDSKMFCoreGitHub = Dataspects::FileSystemRepository.new(
oAcademyWikiahoiAt = Dataspects::SemanticMediaWiki.new(
  @oProfiles,          # <-- Provides API urls, user names and passwords for several information sources (resource silos)
  'academyWikiahoiAt', # <-- Selects Sabine's WikiAhoi SMW
oRepositoryDSKMFCoreGitHub.from_ALLFILES do |oRepositoryFile|
Local create camp SMW at http://localhost:20041/w/index.php/Dataspects_Knowledge_Management_Framework_(DSKMF)

  • Distinct set of knowledge communication concepts
    • DSKMF Core Subject Affinities (regular):
      • HasSubjectTitle (single)
      • HasSubjectType (single)
      • HasSubjectRole (multi)
      • HasKeyword (multi)
      • HasContext (multi)
    • DSKMF Core Functionalities:
      • Irregular subject affinities
      • Subject type
      • Subject roles
      • Subject keywording
      • Subject contexting

Use CasesEdit

Maximum DRY in terms of
WYSIWYG for free text allowing inline (non-form-based, i.e. sections, templates, bold/italic/underlined) semantization
Use Cases (User)Edit
VisualEditor for PageForms free textEdit
Add SubjectEdit
Edit SubjectEdit
Add Subject Type/Role-induced Irregular Subject AffinitiesEdit
  • By form
  • Inline
Use Cases (Administrator)Edit
Add Subject Type/RoleEdit
  • Add X, Template:X, Form:X
Add Subject Type/Role-induced Regular Subject AffinitiesEdit
  • Edit Template:X, Form:X