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Brickimedia estas vikio familio kiu centras je Lego-rilataj projektoj, kiuj disvolvas plurajn el liaj MediaWiki sufiksoj. As of 2017, Brickimedia projects are hosted by ShoutWiki.[1]

Brickimedia was originally established by multiple Lego-related wikis that were hosted on Wikia who sought to independently host themselves to meet their own needs. Through several years of planning and organization, Brickimedia launched in mid-2013.

On 9 February 2016, SamanthaNguyen started a discussion on GitHub on comparing ticket tracking softwares: GitHub and Phabricator. It reached an agreement later in April, and the Brickimedia project was created by Jack Phoenix on 13 April 2016. On 18 April, all the repos were migrated, which was when Brickimedia fully migrated from the GitHub platform to the Wikimedia Phabricator platform.

Extensions and skins

Brickimedia uses many extensions used by Wikimedia wikis as well as those developed by others, but also several of their own custom extensions. All custom extensions by Brickimedia can be found on Wikimedia's git repository. See Category:Extensions by Brickimedia for a complete list of extensions developed by Brickimedia that are available on this wiki, and Category:Skins by Brickimedia for all the skins.

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