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I'm an independent software developer. I focus on maintenance work around the wiki. Extensions I'm currently maintaining and developing:

  • StructuredNavigation - A MediaWiki extension that allows creating machine-readable navigation templates.

I was invited to come talk about the StructuredNavigation extension at the MediaWiki Stakeholder's Group on the October 2nd meeting! It was very cool and exciting.

Subpages edit

Contributions edit

A non-comprehensive list of some contributions I have made to the wiki!

Things to do edit

  • Big things to consider possibly doing in the future. (of course these would probably need some discussion beforehand)
  • Some are also small and I just need to get around doing

Today is May 27, 2024

Modules to create edit

Modules to update edit

  • Update Module:Extension to do the following:
    • Auto-generate list of authors (possibly have another module that could map author name to wiki page so it'd auto-link)
    • Auto-generate MediaWiki version required
    • (possibly, for maintenance) Auto-add categories to extension pages based on which information is auto-generated:
      • [[Category:Extensions that have their hooks information manually inserted]]
      • [[Category:Extensions that have their hooks information automatically generated]]
      • etc.

Templates to create edit

  • The following warning templates for software support should be created, since this information is important, and also since the same is used across many articles
    • Warning template for dropped support of HHVM
    • Warning template for dropped support of Oracle and MSSQL (see {{Dropped Oracle MSSQL }})
    • Warning template that MediaWiki is currently incompatibile with PHP between 7.4.0 and 7.4.2 (see {{MediaWiki PHP 7.4.0 to 7.4.2 }})

Templates to update edit

Hook template edit

Would be great to consolidate Template:ExtensionHook, Template:MediaWikiHook, and a skin hook template (doesn't exist yet, however skins provide their own hooks too).
Could be consolidated with a {{{type}}}, and "extension", "skin", or "core" could be used.
If {{{type}}} equals "extension" or "skin", provide a {{{repo-name}}} parameter to use. Links would automatically work based on the value of {{{type}}}.
Auto-generated categories
These hook templates should have auto-generated categories for maintenance purposes for when certain parameters aren't filled. Such as when the {{{gerrit}}} or {{{rev}}} isn't filled, there should be a Category:MediaWiki hooks that don't have a link to a Gerrit patch (that could also probably be better named). This information is historical info and thus it's important to find which ones need filling their historical info out.
More template parameters for version data
There should be a {{{gerrit-deprecated}}} and {{{gerrit-removed}}} parameter to pair with the already existing {{{deprecated}}} and {{{removed}}} respectively, to link to those patches based on when they were deprecated/removed.

Maintenance edit

Pages to update across site for every new version edit

To help keep things up to date when a new version is released, we have a list of pages to create or update all in one place down below.

Pages in the mainspace
  • Update: Category:MediaWiki version templates
  • Hooks:
    • Create: [[Category:Hooks added in MediaWiki x.xx.x]]
    • Create: [[Category:Hooks deprecated in MediaWiki x.xx.x]]
    • Create: [[Category:Hooks removed in MediaWiki x.xx.x]]
  • Configuration settings:
    • Create: [[Category:MediaWiki_configuration_settings_x.xx.x]]
    • Create: [[Category:MediaWiki configuration settings introduced in version x.xx.x]]
    • Create: [[Category:MediaWiki configuration settings deprecated in version x.xx.x]]
    • Create: [[Category:MediaWiki configuration settings removed in version x.xx.x]]