Wikimedia Technical Conference/2018

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Information For Participants edit

Vision Statement edit

This is a time of important change for technology and the Wikimedia movement. We are evolving our platform to better support, grow, and prepare the movement for the future to realize our strategic goals of Knowledge as a Service and Knowledge Equity.

Our vision is to host a different type of event in 2018 — to make informed decisions in the evolution of our platform while building our technical community engagement and enhancing our product vision. We want to be able to gather and discuss to determine our future direction and that of our shared platform; to communicate more broadly our product vision and to build a solid and stable base for our volunteer developer community. Future years will have have different focuses and themes.

We also want to learn from our experiences during previous technically oriented events to improve our focus, enhance outcomes, and to give ourselves the time and space to have informed, substantive, and timely conversations — this all starts with the overall theme of the event.

The January 2018 Developer Summit (in Berkeley, California) event had a broad goal to look at ways that technology can support our strategic direction. A concrete outcome of those discussions was acknowledging the need to evolve our core platform for the road ahead. In light of that outcome, we will hold future events with themes that reflect our evolving priorities and opportunities to support and enhance the Wikimedia movement with technology. Therefore, our next technical event will be focused on Platform Evolution.

We will hold a 4 day conference with topics that pertain to the Platform Evolution goals that we want to achieve in the next 3 to 5 years with a shared understanding of the product vision around those goals while also enhancing technical engagement within the Foundation and embracing and empowering our large community of volunteer developers.

  • Day 1: Product driven discussions on the hows and whys of our shared goals.
  • Day 2: Sessions focused on how we work together prior to diving into specific technical ideas, concerns, and outcomes around the newly formed Platform Evolution cross-departmental program.
  • Day 3: Continuing the deep dive into specific technical ideas, concerns, and outcomes around the newly formed Platform Evolution cross-departmental program.
  • Day 4: Working together on the technical details of architecting core, leading up to working together to develop our roadmap.

We are also moving the time of year that we'll hold this new event. The previously established timeframe had been in January, typically adjacent to the annual Foundation All Hands gathering, to allow for co-location of events. However, feedback from both the DevSummit and All Hands participants indicates that both events need more time to accomplish their goals. All Hands is a once-a-year event that many teams use to come together, face to face, for working meetings; as well as the entire Foundation getting together for meetings. Going forward, we will decouple the DevSummit from All Hands, to give both gatherings the time and space that all attendees need to be productive and successful.

This first of the event series will take place in Q2 of our fiscal year 2018–2019, in October 2018, and will be held in Portland, OR, USA. This timing was chosen to give us the opportunity to formulate plans, proposals, and programs in time for the Foundation annual planning cycle which starts in January 2019.

Since we have a new focus and want to expand upon the successes of the Developer Summit events from years past — we will now call this gathering of like-minded technologists the Wikimedia Technical Conference (WM TechConf). Stay tuned for more information on the formation of the program committee and the participant selection process, as we are making quite a few changes based on the feedback collected from previous events.

Participant Selection Process edit

Participants List

Based on feedback and the lessons learned from the 2018 Wikimedia Developer Summit we are adjusting the way participants are invited / chosen to attend this years events.

Participant Breakdown edit

50 Participants Maximum (these are preliminary breakout numbers and might not reflect the end result)

  • 6 are the members of the Program Committee
  • 10 are managers and/or budget owners from WMF
  • 6 are from WMDE Technology
  • 17 are community volunteers
  • 11 remaining spots to be filled as desired by the Program Committee, based on skills and experience

Nominations edit

Nominations closed on June 14, 2018 the Program Committee will be reviewing the submissions and sending invitations by the end of July. Thank you very much to those who nominated someone. You can find more information on the nomination process here. Thank you very much!

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Program Committee edit

Organizing Team edit