Wikimedia Technical Conference/2018/Participants

These are the registered participants of the Wikimedia Technical Conference 2018, people not on this list have not filled out the registration form sent to invited participants as of July 27, 2018. More people will be added in chunks and not necessarily immediately as they register.

If you are on the list below and would like to make edits to your entry, go ahead. You can also add more details about your plans and intentions as we get closer to the event in the "Anything to add?" column. Anything added to this page by rfarrand or itait was collected from the registration form under the statement "This will be added to the participants list page on Mediawiki."

Any questions or if you would like a copy of all of your responses to your registration form please email rfarrand@ and itait@ (

WMTC18 Participants List
Name How are you affiliated with the movement? What should others ask you about? How can participants in the Technical Conference contact you on and off-Wiki? Anything to add?
0x010C / Antoine Lamielle Developer of Lingua Libre / Admin on the French Wikipedia Lingua Libre / Gadgets / Bots / Maps
Adam Baso (dr0ptp4kt) Wikimedia Foundation
Addshore WMDE Wikidata

Wikibase Docker MediaWiki Windsurfing WikibaseLexeme Multi Content Revisions Continuous Integration Ideas for a better MediaWiki & Wikibase solution for 3rd parties


- - IRC: Addshore Twitter: Addshore OnWiki: Addshore Most Places: Addshore

Alexandros Kosiaris (akosiaris) SRE streamlined service delivery, deployment pipeline, kubernetes, helm, IRC: akosiaris
Alexia Smith Gamepedia, Hydra Wiki Platform Wiki Farms, Amazon Web Services
Andra Waagmeester Gene wiki Writing bots, Schema development/discussion, SPARQL, Usage analysis By email
Birgit Müller Wikimedia Deutschland Governance of processes/practices, technical engagement & collaboration, anything related to TechConf2018 program: process, goals & next steps Email:, IRC: Birgit_WMDE
Brion Vibber Wikimedia Foundation Multimedia Email or IRC preferred
Bryan Davis Manager, Technical Engagement, Wikimedia Foundation Cloud Services, Developer Advocacy, Technical Writing, MediaWiki-Vagrant, PSR-3 logging [[mw:User talk:BDavis (WMF)]], [[m:User talk:BDavis (WMF)]], bd808 on Freenode IRC,
Cindy Cicalese Product Manager, MediaWiki Platform, Wikimedia Foundation platform evolution program, third party use of MediaWiki
Daren Welsh NASA, MW Stakeholders Spacewalking, enterprise knowledge management, smoked meat, gamification User:Darenwelsh,
deb tankersley Wikimedia Foundation, Program Manager for Technology Department Goals for Tech Dept, how to get things unborked, cycling IRC: debt or email: deb [@]
Derick N. Alangi Volunteer Developer MediaWiki & MW extensions, MediaWiki API on-wiki: User:Alangi_Derick | off-wiki:
Eranroz Volunteer Developer (hewiki, wikidata) Wikidata, Gadgets, JS, Lua, machine learning email, talk page, Telegram: @eranroz
Erik B CirrusSearch search, machine learning
FlorianSW Volunteer MediaWiki Extension and config management or FlorianSW in #wikimedia-dev
Franziska Heine Wikimedia Deutschland Processes, Strategy, Software Development, Wikidata
Gergő / Tgr WMF Readers MediaWiki See
Greg (greg-g) Staff Releases/deployments IRC: greg-g
Aaron Halfaker (Halfak) Scoring Platform (WMF) Machine Learning, Auditing Algorithms, Technology Ecosystems
Joaquin / Jhernandez Engineering Manager at Readers Infrastructure - Wikimedia Foundation JS, web UIs, API design and services & [[User:JHernandez (WMF)]]
Karsten (Kghbln)
  • Hoffmeyer Fundraising,
  • Semantic MediaWiki Project
  • software documentation,
  • wiki administration,
  • semantic mediawiki
Kate Chapman TechCom Facilitator and WM TechConf organizing committee wiki: User:KChapman_(WMF) t: wonderchook
Leszek Manicki (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland Wikidata, Wikibase, leszek_wmde on IRC
Lydia Pintscher Wikidata/WMDE Wikidata, Wikibase via wiki email and talk page
Magnus Manske volunteer tools, wikidata [[User:Magnus Manske]] / @MagnusManske (Twitter)
Marko Obrovac WMF Platform Evolution, Services, Scalability email, pm on-wiki
Michael Holloway WMF Reading Infrastructure Page Content Service, maps/GIS tech, mobile apps
Nirzar Design lead, Audiences Design Design, Product, best practices, usability, open design
Olga Vasileva WMF product manager, web Mobile editing email, talk page on mediawiki
Phuedx_(WMF) Wikimedia Foundation Page Previews, RESTful APIs, Responsive experiences Via my talk page or via email (
Rachel Farrand Wikimedia Foundation, Events & Program Manager, Community Engagement Department Hackathons & this event! IRC: rfarrand Email: rfarrand [@]
Ramsey Isler WMF Product Manager, Multimedia Structured Metadata, multimedia, and cats
Raz Shuty Engineering Manager @ Wikimedia Deutschland
Robert Vogel, User:Osnard One of the developers of BlueSpice MediaWiki Distribution Shareing expierence about third party usage of MediaWiki, especially in business context Telegram Messenger, Skype "rob.vogel",
Sage Ross (ragesoss) Director of Technology, Wiki Education Foundation * onboarding new users

* user experience experiments we should try * Wiki Education Dashboard / Programs & Events Dashboard

User:Sage (Wiki Ed) /
Santhosh Thottingal Language Engineering Languages, Translation, Internationalization Email:
Subbu Sastry Parsing Team, WMF Wikitext 2.0, Parsoid, Parsing off-wiki: on irc, email; on-wiki: via my user page
Victoria Coleman CTO
WMDE-Fisch / Christoph Jauera Wikimedia Deutschland Technical Wishes: FileImporter-, TwoColConflict-, Wikidiff2-extension Christoph Jauera (WMDE) @ Wiki

WMDE-Fisch @ Phab/Gerrit CFisch_WMDE @ IRC

Zack Arabic Wikipedia Localisation/Translation/RTL support of Tools/Gadgets & Content User: zack_wadghiri / Gmail: zack.wadghiri
Derk-Jan Hartman Volunteer Developer Javacript, CSS, Gadgets, accessibilty @dj_hartman
Mark Bergsma Director of SRE Site Reliability Engineering / Technical Operations
Ian Marlier WMF Technology - Performance Team Performance, software architecture
Dmitry Brant Technical lead, Android (WMF) Mobile, microcontributions, structured data User: Dmitry_Brant
Krinkle Wikimedia Foundation
Josh Minor Wikimedia Foundation mobile, apps, anything, everything, product principles and process
Tim Starling Core Platform Team
Corey Floyd Director of Engineering, Core Platform The Platform Evolution Program, planning, ways to get involved, introductions to others who can help email: IRC: coreyfloyd
Quiddity / Nick WMF - Community Relations Documentation, where to find things, cats IRC: Quiddity or
Danny Horn Director, Contributors team - WMF Features and tools for contributors, working with the community and User:DannyH_(WMF)
Jon Katz Director of Product Management, Wikimedia Foundation product direction, analytics
Daniel Kinzler TechCom and Platform Evolution Platform Evolution, MCR, Wikibase, dependency tracking Mail me at
Brandon SRE Traffic Team (WMF) Edge networks: Caching, URL mangling, Protocols, Standards, and related IRC: bblack email:
Lauren Miranda Employee cross team collaboration
Toby Negrin Chief Product Officer (Audiences)
John Bennett Director of Security Security
Cheol Product and Technology WG of WMF 2030 Strategy Product and Technology Strategy en:User:Ryuch