Hi. My name is Aldrich. I'm a Bureaucrat at Wikicars and have been working on creating various different templates and information boxes for the site. Unfortunately, though, my knowledge of wiki code is amateur at best so I need help from anyone. Thanks in advance to whomever come to my rescue.

- Red marquis 11:18, 24 October 2008 (UTC)Reply

Eyecandy template


This does not belong in the Template namespace since it is outside of our project scope. I have moved the template to a sub-page of your userpage at User:Red marquis/Eyecandy and have updated your user page to go to the new location. To answer your questions about the image: consider using the CSS background-image property (via editing your wiki's MediaWiki:Common.css page to attach it to a class or id, since this property does not work inline), and then both of your issues would be solved. An example:

Have the following where you want the image to appear: |class="eyecandy"|{{{name}}}, attaching whatever other styles you need there as well. Then, have the following in your MediaWiki:Common.css page:

.eyecandy {
  /* Replace the url below to the DIRECT url of the image, 
    aka it should look something like the directory structure below.
    DO NOT link it to the image description page on your wiki
  background-image: url(http://yoursite.com/w/images/0/0f/eyecandy.jpg);
  color: #FFFFFF;

Hope that helps. --Skizzerz 22:18, 24 October 2008 (UTC)Reply

Where do i find MediaWiki:Common.css? I also have another question, is it possible to make images transparent via the wiki software or not?

-Red marquis 09:53, 26 October 2008 (UTC)Reply



Yes I can indeed help you with your templates. I assume your problem is on your userpage? -PatPeter   MediaWiki Support Team 19:15, 13 December 2008 (UTC)Reply

No I have a question. My friend has bet me a dollar that there is not a single article on a current production car on http://wikicars.org[1] to which you have not contributed. I thought there was, only after searching through the site, I couldn't find one! is there one???? Please write back on my page. my username is pobbles1



Hey, you never know. Maybe I can, maybe I can't.