Note: If you are a blocked user, I will answer e-mails you send me on your own talk page.
Note: Si vous êtes un utilisateur bloqué, je vais répondre à vos courriels (e-mails) sur votre page de discussion.
I'm a MediaWiki system administrator highly interested in the user management and networking extensions of MediaWiki. I run a multi-wiki, mixed-version MediaWiki installation that uses Extension:CentralAuth. I'm a huge IPv6 supporter and user.

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This user is a proud MediaWiki third-party wiki system administrator.

My small inventions

These are unofficial and unsupported, but they're effective.


For sysops

  • /Cascade - a place to place items under cascading full protection. This is most useful for things that need the protection regardless of status of existence on this wiki.

I created these to help myself learn ParserFunctions and CSS. All parameters are optional.

  • /blocked (usage is {{subst:User:Jasper Deng/blocked|1=<duration>|2=<reason>|3=~~~~}})
  • /indef (usage is {{subst:User:Jasper Deng/indef|1=reason|2=~~~~}}. To not include the appeals instructions, append 3=no and/or 4=no if you disable email and/or talk page access, respectively, such as {{subst:User:Jasper Deng/indef|1=harassment of John Doe and abusive emails|3=no|4=no}})
  • /sockblock (usage is {{subst:User:Jasper Deng/sockblock|1=<sockmaster, without User: prefix>|2=~~~~}})
  • /spambotblock (usage is {{subst:User:Jasper Deng/spambotblock|1={{subst:REVISIONUSER}}|2=~~~~}})