My name is Daniel A. R. Werner. I am a MediaWiki user and extension developer since 2007. From April 2012 to October 2013 I was working for Wikimedia Deutschland .e.V. where I was part of the initial core team of Wikidata developers.

 I might be able to help out with MediaWiki related development work: Contact me if you seek an expert for MediaWiki, Wikibase (Wikidata) or Semantic MediaWiki.

MediaWiki and Me edit

I started being a MediaWiki developer when my need for custom tailored extensions rose. I started by improving existing Extensions and committed most of my code changes for everyone to use. Even though I have not worked with PHP before, as a professional programmer I found my way into MediaWiki hacking quite fast and still find it fascinating what one can do with MediaWiki. I am a huge fan of Semantic MediaWiki which I was using extensively for my RPG-Dev-Wiki project, a tool for making the process of producing RPGs (so called role-playing games) more intuitive, team-oriented while keeping redundancy in story-writing to a minimum.

In April 2012 I started working as a developer on Wikidata. After nineteen great months in an awesome team I decided to part ways and started providing MediaWiki related freelancing work as well as working on my own projects again since November 2013.

Since October 2015 I am working as developer and tech lead for the Berlin based startup Contentful. We are building an API-first content management platform to create, manage and publish content on any digital channel.

 Get in touch with me if you are an experienced developer thinking about working here in Berlin.

Extensions edit

The following will introduce you to most of my MediaWiki related work:

My own MediaWiki extensions:

  • Semantic Expressivness, adds a new syntax for inline short queries to fight redundancies within the wiki.
  • Subpage Fun, some parser functions/variables to get helpful information about subpages.
  • Simple Farm, simple, yet powerful wiki farm extension without any fancy configuration pages.
  • Parser Fun, Introduces the THIS: prefix for page information related magic variables and adds a parser function #parse for parsing wikitext as well as a {{CALLER}} variable/function for some kind of template call-stack.
  • Regex Fun, simply the richest implementation for regular expressions in MediaWiki.
  • HashTables, similar to to Extension:ArrayExtension but for handling hash tables in MediaWiki. This extension also allows to store all Parameters given to a template.
  • SemanticUpdateOnPurge, updates Semantic MediaWikis attributes when purging an article.
  • Several (currently) non-public extensions and a bot framework for my MediaWiki-based system RPG-Dev-Wiki.
  • Stick to That Language, makes links sticky in relation to the current interface language by using and considering a MediaWiki url's uselang query part.

Extensions I have made substantial contributions to:

  • Wikibase, extension used by the Wikidata project. I used to work on this extension as a former employee of Wikimedia Germany for 19 months.
  • Variables, responsible for version 2.0 rewrite and more.
  • Arrays, responsible for new features and bugfixes since version 1.3
  • Loops, responsible for development in svn starting with version 0.3.2
  • Semantic Result Formats, responsible for hash and array formats.
  • DataValues, a collection of objects representing various kinds of values.
  • ValueViews, extensible jQuery widget for displaying and editing different data values.

Extensions I have made some minor contributions to:

  • Validator, changes introduced in 0.4.13 release.
  • Maps, marker groups implementation, and re-integration of the previously broken custom picture maps feature based on OpenLayers.

Misc edit

Note: On en.wikipedia I am registered as en:User:Danwe From the Other Planet, I am not en:User:Danwe since that name has been taken since the pre-unified accounts era.