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bnwiki mobile users cannot see in-progress and published items in the modified dashboard

Runab WMF (talkcontribs)

Changes made to hide in-progress and published content from the mobile dashboard via phab:T270691 has led to confusion among bnwiki mobile users who used that functionality frequently. Is there any solution we can offer to avoid this, as the unified dashboard is still some time away? Originally reported on my talk page by @আফতাবুজ্জামান and @SHEIKH

আফতাবুজ্জামান (talkcontribs)

(excuse my english) Hi CX team, we know dashboard isn't optimized for mobile and if you start a new translation using it, it will redirect you to desktop mode to translate. But some editor still wants that because after T270691, there is no button to start a whole new translation on mobile. Right now some editor uses tricks like 1. remove m. from url or 2. force browser to show desktop version of CX so they can have dashboard back or 3. got to enwiki's CX, click "+ New Translation", change the language to en, start a new translation and then tool will redirect you to bnwiki to translate.

It would be nice if we can have both options. so, if someone wants section translation, they can use that or if someone want to start a whole new translation, they can do that too.

MdsShakil (talkcontribs)
SHEIKH (talkcontribs)
দয়াকরে অনুবাদ করেদিন।

বাংলা উইকিপিডিয়ায় প্রায় ৯০% লোক মোবাইল ব্যবহারকারী, তার মধ্যে প্রায় সবাই কমবেশি বিষয়বস্তু অনুবাদ ব্যবহার করে। বর্তমানে ইউআরএল থেকে m. বাদ দিলে কিংবা ব্রাউজারকে ডেক্সটপ মুডে যেতে জোর করলেও অনুবাদ করা যাচ্ছেনা। আগে মোবাইলে যে বিষয়বস্তু অনুবাদ ছিল সেখানেও কিন্তু ইউআরএল থেকে m. বাদ দিতে কিংবা ব্রাউজারকে ডেক্সটপ মুডে যেতে জোর করে এর পরেই অনুবাদ করা যেত। মোবাইল মুডে অনুবাদ করা যেত না। মোবাইল মুডে অনুবাদ কখনোই সচ্ছ পাইনি। বিশেষ করে বাংলা উইকিতে মোবাইলে অনুবাদ টুল ঠিক করার অনুরোধ থাকবে।

Pginer-WMF (talkcontribs)

Thanks for all the feedback, and thanks for using the translation tool.

We plan to support the translation of new articles on mobile soon. This work will be a continuation of the work we already did to search for a specific article to translate. In this way, users on mobile would be able to do both (a) translating new articles and (b) expanding existing ones. In both cases, using the mobile-specific editor of section translation.

The long term plan is to have just one unified dashboard that could lead to a desktop or mobile editor depending on the user device. For that to happen we'll be improving the Section Translation dashboard to incorporate the missing features.

Section translation was launched early to learn from the community at an early stage and improve the tool based on that. At the beginning of the project, Content Translation was not directly usable from a mobile device (requiring some of the workarounds described above to access the desktop version on a mobile device). Currently, we are providing some partial support directly on mobile that will be getting better over time.

I understand that some of the intermediate steps can bring some confusion, but I think that having an integrated experience will be preferred in the long term rather than separating the two versions of the dashboard further (which has maintenance costs and potential for confusion too).

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