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MediaWiki is a collaboration and documentation platform brought to you by a vibrant community.

Dé MediaWiki-Software werd voh Ziggtausenden voh Nétzseiten und Tausenden voh Unternéemen und Organisaziónan vawendt. Si werd bsunders voh da Wikipedia, ois wia'raa voh dera Nétzseiten eihsétzd. MediaWiki hüfft da ban Daorwaten, Organisian und Publizian voh Wissen. It's powerful, multilingual, free and open, extensible, customisable, reliable, and free of charge. Find out more and if MediaWiki is right for you.

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2023-12-11 to 2023-12-13
Maintenance update SMWCon Fall 2023 (hybrid event)
Maintenance update Maintenance release: MediaWiki 1.35.13
Security MediaWiki 1.35.12, 1.39.5 and 1.40.1 security releases are now available.

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