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Documentação da predefinição

Esta predefinição deve ser adicionada a todas as páginas de extensões nessa wiki (mas apenas na página principal). Ela adicionará uma infocaixa como a abaixo e automaticamente adicionará a extensão à Category:Todas as extensões , bem como às categorias apropriadas de estado e implementação .


Copie e cole:

{{Extension |templatemode =
|name                 = 
|status               = 
|type1                = 
|type2                = 
|hook1                = 
|hook2                = 
|newhook1             = 
|newhook2             = 
|username             = 
|author               = 
|description          = 
|image                = 
|imagesize            = 
|version              = 
|update               = 
|version preview      = 
|update preview       = 
|compatibility policy =
|mediawiki            = 
|php                  = 
|needs-updatephp      = 
|composer             =
|table1               = 
|table2               = 
|license              = 
|download             = 
|readme               = 
|changelog            = 
|example              = 
|namespace            = 
|parameters           = 
|tags                 = 
|rights               = 
|compatibility        = 
|bugzilla             = 
|phabricator          =
|vagrant-role         = 
Para mais informações sobre os valores dos parâmetros, veja abaixo.
Manual de extensões do MediaWiki
OOjs UI icon advanced.svg
Estado da versão: desconhecido
Implementação {{{type1}}}, {{{type2}}}
Descrição {{{description}}}
Autor(es) SomeAuthor (SomeUserdiscussão)
Última versão {{{version}}} ({{{update}}})
Última versão
{{{version preview}}} ({{{update preview}}})
Política de
MediaWiki {{{mediawiki}}}
PHP {{{php}}}
Modifica o banco
de dados
Composer {{{composer}}}
Tabelas [[Special:MyLanguage/Template:Extension/{{{table1}}} table|{{{table1}}}]][[:Template:Extension/{{{table1}}} table| ]]
[[Special:MyLanguage/Template:Extension/{{{table2}}} table|{{{table2}}}]][[:Template:Extension/{{{table2}}} table| ]]
Licença {{{license}}}
Download {{{download}}}
Exemplo {{{example}}}


Para traduzir a extensão Extension, verifique sua disponibilidade no translatewiki.net
Função no Vagrant {{{vagrant-role}}}
Problemas [[phab:tag/{{{phabricator}}}|Tarefas em aberto]] · Relatar um bug

Parâmetros de conteúdo

Esta seção descreve os parâmetros que governam o conteúdo da infocaixa. Para mais informações sobre templatemode e outros parâmetros de controle, veja Parâmetros de controle abaixo.

Parâmetros de conteúdo
Parâmetro Descrição
namenome da extensão

estado de lançamento atual One of:

  • unstable - broken - do not use this extension
  • experimental - early stages of development, may change drastically
  • beta - stable but not fully tested
  • stable - stable version
  • unmaintained - unmaintained - previously claimed to be stable, now unmaintained
  • archive - archived - deprecated or merged with another extension
  • unknown - default

If the status is anything other than the above, it will be ignored and the default value of 'Unknown' will be displayed in the template instead. In cases where the value is omitted, it will be categorized as unknown. In cases where the value is invalid, it will be placed in a special category so that the error can be caught and fixed.

implementation type

The implementation strategy(s) employed in building this extension. This parameter is used to create categories that help programmers find examples of various MediaWiki specific implementation strategies or patterns. Although the values of this parameter sometimes coincide with the use case or purpose of an extension, that is not reason for this parameter. If the values you have chosen for this parameter do not adequately identify the purpose or possible use cases, we recommend you add additional category links as needed.

Allowed values for the type1, type2, ... parameters are:

  • parser - catchall for uncategorized parser extensions. If you have written a parser extension, please use one of the following more specific types:
  • access - catchall for User access extensions , that is, extensions that create, authenticate, grant permissions, revoke permissions, or monitor the activity of users. If you have written an access extension, please use one of the following more specific types:
    • user activity - extensions that monitor user activity (logins, logouts, new user creation, etc.)
    • user identity - extensions that create and delete users, and/or verify the identity of a user
    • user rights - extensions to the rights management system, e.g. changes to the way rights are assigned, API, maintenance tools (does not include extensions that merely name the rights needed to use the features of that extension; for this purpose use the rights parameter)
  • interface - catchall for uncategorized user interface extensions.
    • media - extensions that permit the embedding of multimedia content on wiki pages by registering a file extension with $wgMediaHandlers .
    • mywiki - extensions that provide infrastructure so that users may personalize their MediaWiki experience and/or assist in the management of that infrastructure
    • notify - extensions that email users, broadcast messages and provide other forms of community notification
    • page action - extensions that enhance or modify page action s. This includes anything that implements an action that reads, writes, searches for, creates, renames, deletes, redirects or discusses a page. It does not include rights (use user rights) or logs (use user activity).
    • search - extensions that search through and select pages for users.
    • skin - extensions adding CSS or JavaScript, or implementing hook functions to change the look and feel of MediaWiki via the skins framework.
    • ajax - extensions that use Ajax programming techniques.
    • special - extensions that subclass the SpecialPage class, use one of its hooks, or patch one or more functions in SpecialPage.php. See Special pages for more information.
  • other
    • api - extensions that add a new API module or extend a core API module.
    • hook - Hook extension - defines a new hook - see hook1, etc. below if you want to define hooks used by your extension
    • database - adds tables and/or fields to the database backing a MediaWiki installation
    • data extraction - Data extraction
    • filerepo - extension that adds new file repository types as file backend
    • example - Not a real extension, but an example of how to write one

Any other value for 'type' is invalid, and will cause the extension to be placed in Category:Extensions with invalid or missing type/pt-br.

Note: Many extensions have more than one type, if this applies to yours, replace |type= with |type1=|type2=|type3=.... You may define up to six types for an extension.
name of each hook used by the extension

Entering values in this field is a good way to get exposure for your extension and help other developers. Each documented hook will automatically add the extension to a category listing extensions that use that hook. This category is autolinked to each hook page so that programmers can easily find examples of extensions that use a particular hook.

For built-in hooks:

  • use the hook name alone. Please see Manual:Hooks for values (but omit introductory '/').

For custom hooks defined by extensions:

For multiple hooks, assign the first hook to hook1, the second to hook2 and so on.


name of each hook provided by the extension

You might also want to add the hooks to Extension hook registry.

usernameThe author's username on MediaWiki.org (if they have one). May be omitted, but if present it will be used to link to the author's user & user_talk page. It should be provided without namespace and without [[]]s.
authorThe extension author's name, if different from their MediaWiki.org username. Free text. If omitted then the 'username' field will be used (if present).
descriptionshort description
imagescreenshot or logo of extension. It should be provided without namespace and without [[]]s.
imagesizefacultative, size of the image (default size is 220px)
versionlast version
updatedate of the last update
compatibility policycompatibility policy (accepted values are master, rel, and ltsrel). (backlog )
mediawikirequired version of MediaWiki
phprequired version of PHP

yes indicates that the extension requires a database table schema change or a similar action, before the MediaWiki can run. It is a common pitfall: your MediaWiki will stall, if you forgot to run update.php - if the extension requires it. no should be set as a value since this assures that the extension does not need update.php to be run and thus avoids uncertainty

Extensions which conform to MediaWiki extension standards come with a schema change script which you need to start manually (once) before starting and accessing the MediaWiki through your browser, and after you copied all the extension files to $IP/extensions/ExtensionName and inserted wfLoadExtension( "ExtensionName"); into "LocalSettings.php", run from the command line:

cd path/to/wiki_install_directory
cd maintenance
php update.php
A variável $IP refere-se ao caminho (ou “diretório”) de sua instalação do MediaWiki, o mesmo diretório que contém os arquivos LocalSettings.php , index.php , etc.
composerIf applicable the name of the "vendor" as well as the "package" should be entered in the format vendor/package, e.g. mediawiki/semantic-media-wiki to point people directly to packagist.org, which serves as the package archive.
name of each non-core table used by the extension Links to a subpage of your extension page. For instance, "table1 = cu_changes" at Extension:CheckUser will link to Extension:CheckUser/cu_changes table . Don't list core tables such as page or revision ; only list tables that are added by extensions.
licenselicense governing use of this extension, as one of the codes found in https://spdx.org/licenses/, e.g. GPL-2.0-or-later, GPL-2.0-only or GPL-3.0-or-later, etc.
downloadlink to the download : Git, {{WikimediaDownload/pt-br}}.
repoName of the Gerrit repository the extension's code is stored in, if different from the page name. Setting this automatically sets |download=, and allows the template to automatically load data from the appropriate extension.json file.
readmeexternal link to the readme file, e.g. https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/r/browse/mediawiki/extensions/Flow;master;README
changelogexternal link to the changelog file, e.g. Extension:LDAP Authentication/Changelog
parametersavailable parameters for LocalSettings.php
tagsany tags your extension uses (e.g. <tag1>, <tag2>).
rightsrights added by the extension. Not to be confused with the license! Rights are such as makebot or desysop , not such as GFDL or LGPL or GPL - those are licenses!
namespacenamespace in which this extension is used
exampleexample, website or screenshot of working extension
compatibilityAdditional compatibility information, for instance compatibility charts (formerly using Template:Extension Testing). It's encouraged to add any client-side compatibility information here too, especially when diverging from expectations of full support for a browser.

Optional parameter to link the exact page where (message group id with which) the extension will be translatable on translatewiki.net if enabled. If the default link is incorrect, manually set it to:

  • ext-LOWERCASE(NOSPACES(Label as defined in config)), aka
  • the parameter you get in the URL after
bugzillaBugzilla MediaWiki extension component name
phabricatorPhabricator project name
CheckUsageNameOverrideoverride the page name used for the check usage link.

Control parameters

Control parameters
Parameter Description

Controls auto-categorization of host page.

Normally left blank. Alternate values are:

  • nocats - suppresses categorization and the 'check usage' link. Use this value if you are adding this template to subpages of an extension or to how-to documentation of extensions. For example, the usage image above sets templatemode=nocats because this isn't an actual extension page and we don't want to add this page to any categories on account of it.
  • nousage - suppresses the 'check usage' link. Link is also suppressed if the page is a subpage; it is not in the Extension: namespace; or if suppressed by 'templatemode=nocats'
If this is left blank, this template will add the host page to Category:All extensions/pt-br and to one or more additional categories, depending on the values assigned to the Content parameters.

Using the infobox

Existing extension pages

If you want to add the infobox to an existing page, copy and paste the code at the top of this page.

Create a new extension page

If you want to create a new extension page, enter the name below and click the button. A new page will be created with the infobox template already in place.

O(A) desenvolvedor(a) que compartilhar seu código no MediaWiki ou no repositório de códigos do MediaWiki deve estar preparado para:

Comentários / Críticas / Revisões
Revisões e comentários de outros desenvolvedores acerca de, por exemplo, uso do framework, segurança, eficiência e usabilidade.
Ajuste do desenvolvedor
Outros desenvolvedores modificando suas submissões para melhorar ou simplificar seu código seguindo novas classes e métodos do framework, convenções de código e traduções.
Melhorias no acesso de administradores de wikis
Se você decidir expor seu código numa wiki, outro desenvolvedor poderá movê-lo para o repositório de códigos do MediaWiki para facilitar sua manutenção. Você pode então criar um Acesso de desenvolvedor para continuar a mantê-lo.
Versões futuras por outros desenvolvedores
Novas ramificações do seu código sendo criadas por outros desenvolvedores no momento em que novas versões do MediaWiki forem lançadas. Você deve backport para essas ramificações se quiser oferecer suporte a versões anteriores.
Mesclar seu código em outras extensões com propósitos idênticos ou semelhantes — incorporando os melhores recursos de cada extensão.
Crédito pelo seu trabalho será preservado em versões futuras — incluindo em extensões mescladas.
Da mesma forma, você deve creditar os desenvolvedores de extensões cujo código foi tomado por você — especialmente ao realizar uma mescla.

Desenvolvedores que não estiverem de acordo com as ações acimas não devem implantar seus códigos diretamente no MediaWiki ou em seu repositório de códigos. Ainda te motivamos a criar uma página de sumário para a sua extensão na wiki para informar as pessoas sobre sua extensão, e onde baixá-la.

Enhancing this template

If you would like to improve on this template, thanks! This is a complicated template so here is some help along the way:

The Create extension button

To improve the create extension button behavior:

Infobox parameters

In general:

  • To make this template easy to use, each label in the infobox is linked to documentation on the template parameter(s) it displays. If you add a parameter, please be sure to also add it to the content parameter documentation and link its label to that documentation.

To change/correct/add to the implementation type parameters:

  • Check the talk page - there have been some extensive discussions about this field.

To change the behavior of the hook parameters:

Test case

See if the following pages are still ok, after edited this template.


Maintenance: vulnerabilities, archived