Changelog (History) edit

Changes from 1.0u to 2.0p edit

See Version 2.0p

Changes from 2.0p to 2.6m edit

Use of unsigned JAR files edit

Digitally signed JAR files were used by GeoGebra to allow an applet to "turn into an application" and write to the local hard disc. But some users were frightened by the security alerts caused by the digital signature. In addition, a digital signature uses to expire, causing the security alerts to look even more frightening. Markus Hohenwarter and his team decided to deliver new, unsigned JAR files. Now the applets cause no security alerts, but cannot save a GeoGebra (ggb) file. If you want to create and save a ggb file, you have to use GeoGebra as an application.

New parameter ggbBase64 replaces filename edit

Use of filename="foo.ggb" is easy, if the JAR fileand the GGB fileare in the same subdirectory. But things become more complicated, if the GGB file is for example in a file repository of a wiki. The mechanism of retrieving the path to the GGB file sometimes sucked. (Very hard to debug, if the wiki is not your own and you have no admin rights to install new versions of the extension.)

Using the new parameter ggbBase64, you can pass the content of a GGB file as a base64-encoded String. No filename is needed. No upload is needed.

Use of packed JAR files edit

Change from 2.6m to 2.6n edit

  • Avoiding errors in apache error log, suggestion of PrimeMogul, see Bigvir

Change from 2.6n to 2.7c edit

  • Function url_exists() was not reliable and caused some traffic at the GeoGebra server.
  • Function url_exists() was deleted. If geogebra.jar is not found at www.geogebra.org, the browser (or the Java plugin) will generate an error message. (In version 2.6n the error message was generated by the PHP code of the extension.)

Change from 2.7c to 2.7f (Chrome error) edit

  • Some redundant CRLFs (Carriage return /Line feed) used by assembling the applet tag caused MediaWiki to render the tags in a wrong order:
    2.7c: <p>...<applet>...</p>...</applet>
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera ignored this HTML syntax error, but not the Chrome browser.
  • 2.7f fixes this bug:
    2.7f: <p>...</p>...<applet>...</applet>

Change from 2.7f to 2.7g edit

The following code caused an error if the file with name $ggbBinary did not exist.

$ggbFile = Image::newFromName($ggbBinary);
if (!($ggbFile->exists()))
     $error_message = "File not found: " . $ggbFile;

The following code fixes this:

$ggbFile = Image::newFromName($ggbBinary);
if (!($ggbFile->exists()))
     $error_message = "File not found: " . $ggbBinary;

Change from 2.7g to 2.7h edit

Using Image::newFromName($imgBinary) caused an error message with new versions of MediaWiki (maybe since version 1.18).

So I commented out lines 56-75. Parameter substimage will not often be used.

If anyone knows a substitute for the Image class, let me know.

Change from 2.7h to 2.7i edit

Adding this code:

// recursive parse in case we are inside a template - see 
if($wgVersion >='1.16') {
        foreach($args as &$arg) {
               $arg = $parser->recursiveTagParse( $arg, $frame );

Suggested by Joejoebob. See discussion page.

Change from 2.7i to 2.8a edit

Undo change from 2.7h to 2.7i because variable $frame caused errors.

Incompatibility with MediaWiki 1.19.x (and also 1.18.x ?) fixed.

Move source code from here (www.mediawiki.org) to Git/Gerrit.

Change from 2.8a to 3.0d-web edit

When noticing a browser on a mobile device, no Java applet but HTML5/JavaScript code is delivered.

You can force HTML5/JavaScript being delivered using the parameter mobile=true in the URL of the wiki.

Thanks to Zbyněk Konečný from GeoGebra team for good collaboration.