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Typically, this is not the place to add a link to your site that is using MediaWiki. This page should be used only when the language of your wiki is not on the Sites using MediaWiki page. So before you add your wiki here, go back to Sites using MediaWiki and check the sidebar on the right for your language. If your language is there, click on it and then add your wiki there.

New entries?

Check the sidebar on the right at Sites using MediaWiki to see if your language is listed, then list your wiki on that page. Only add it here if the language isn't present. Many English wikis are added below; this is wrong! Add English wikis here

There is no language list for your site yet? Than add your entry below.

  • New entries will be checked. Unreachable sites or sites that don't use MediaWiki will be removed.
  • Please stay close to the given format:
;Title - [] :Short description

Sakulugu - [1]
Community site. Saku parish, Estonia. Estonian language.
Myanmar Unicode Area -
Myanmar Unicode Area ( MUA ), a community site in Myanmar language promoting the use of Myanmar Language through Unicode implementation.
Fabiwiki -
Vilnius Fabijoniškės area community site in Lithuanian language

Wiöae a

RawNaturalHealth - [2]
Use simple, raw, natural, healthy, organic foods that work to get you into better health and well-being.
KuponMax - [3]
İndirim Kuponu ve Kampanyalar
Many uses for everyday things -
non-profit wiki fueled by creativity.
AC let's go to the Wiki - AC:Let's go to the Wiki
Encyclopédie francophone sur Animal Crossing let's go to the City
Wikiffiliate -
Share the knowledge, share the wealth - add content, get paid
JOI School - JOI School
Tutorials and guides to learning how to code HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java etc.
Castaway Online - Castaway Online
(Hungarian Green Day site)
WarfishWiki - Wiki
The wiki for, a gaming site based on the board game RISK. (italian) - NU Philosophy
Philosophical\Cultural Project.
Technische Analyse - Technische-Analyse.EU
(de, other languages) Fachlexikon mit Definitionen, Biografien und empirischen Studien zur technischen Analyse von Wertpapieren.
FamilySearchWiki - [4]
FamilySearch resource. Free
DiggyGamesWiki - Free games
A very nice gaming site (new) with updated news and members
TauWiki -
TAUVEX is an upcoming UV astronomical Mission. Our wiki is the place where people get together for software documentation and also discuss scientific results. Often, the new discoveries are first entered into wiki, and later submitted to scientific journals.
Ungclan -
The United Nation of Gerds clan home wiki.
BIID Info -
The most comprehensive source of information about Body Integrity Identity Disorder
MetaBase - BioDatabase.Org
A user contributed database of databases!
Kuechewiki -
Site to cooking
NY Canals -
A Cruising Guide to the New York State Canal System. - Hardware reviews
Hardware and software information about personal computers.
gamedatawiki -
free games databased giving views and information on computer games
ArchiveWiki - Not anymore on mediawiki, it too heavy for hosting server
Still developing articles for greek wikipedia on a guiki module for phpnuke
Melbourne Linux User Group - [5]
A Linux User Group which decided to open the source of their site.
Travian v2 Wiki - [6]
A wiki dedicated to helping users play version 2 of the browsergame, Travian.
WikiCPE - [7]
le Wiki des CPE et de la vie scolaire
Free Project - project download - Free Developer software
WikiLand -
Czech open-source documentation and how-to source.
Всичко за един лев (Everything for 1 Lev) - [8]
A humorous Bulgarian site containing various articles. The ultimate guide to Bulgarian reality.
Evil Planet Wiki - [9]
A wiki dedicated to the PC game, Evil Genius.
Ikkepedia -
A Norsk (no:) version of Uncyclopedia
ECDL.web - ECDL tudástár [10]
(hu) ECDL information and how-tos in Hungarian.
An open knowledge-portal and online anarchist community.
CityWiki - Citywiki
Wiki about architecture
Windpark Wiki -
A wiki with line like windpark designs for the Netherlands, the aim is to design enough windturbine locations on land for all electricity the dutch need.
Quantum Legacy wiki - QLWiki
A wiki for the very popular game Quantum Legacy.
Cigarettes Encylopedia -
CigarettesPedia is a project that set the goal of creating a full encyclopedia of cigarettes. -
The Shetland Encyclopedia. The user editable website for all things Shetland.
Geographie - [11]
Robowiki -
Slovak wiki for robotics (Slovenske wiki o robotike)
Seefahrtslexikon -
Sons of the Thames Rowing Club -
Sons of the Thames Rowing Club, Hammersmith. A wiki used as a more 'conventional' site.
WikiProtest -
The Wiki of the Revolution
The economics & managment encyclopedia
myQWiki - myQwiki
muslim encyclopedia in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language)
StrategyWiki -
A wiki for free game guides.
Cartography Wiki -
Кубачи - Все о Кубачи и Кубачинцах
Site about a well-known aul of jewellers.
AcaDec Scores and Information Center-
Academic Decathlon team and indivudual scores from states all across the US. - Looking for something tasty to make and eat ?
A Recipe Wiki leveraging MediaWiki , DynamicPageList and TagCloud extensions.
Wiki Travel -
Wiki for travellers to share their knowledge about places that they have travelled.
UniPédia - Unitárius Meta-lexikon -
Hungarian language lexikon of Unitarian Christianity
Лазар Комарчић -
Oldest Serbian Science Fiction fan club
Зиланткон -
Oldest Role Playing Games convent Zilantkon Knowledge Base
WikiCreation -
Wiki-OpenSource projects, ideas and creations from all internet users
Order Computer -
Order Computer Online
Wiki Ultimate - Wiki Ultimate
Wiki about Games (German)
Blogx Populi Wikis - Blogx Populi
Free Comunication, Knowledge & Collective Empowerment - Comunicación, Conocimento y Empoderamiento Colectivo Libres - Comunicació, Coneixement i Empoderament Col·lectiu Lliures
LongJump User Support -
A platform for creating and delivering business applications for managing data, streamlining collaborative processes and providing actionable analysis
Wiki for Banks in India - Bank Wikiz
Collection of all banks and financial information.
Wikiwel -
editable overview and forum of natural healing methods for all kind of diseases. Non-commercial alternative and home remedies.
Gateway - The MU* Community -
The website for this MU* resource.
Secret Maryo Chronicles -
The wiki used for the open source project Secret Maryo Chronicles.
ShoutWiki -
A network of MediaWiki sites using monobook and vector design.

List of Hosting sites that allow to setup MediaWiki based wikis (free and $)


It would be nice to see a list of companies that provide wiki hosting using WikiMedia software-features. A table of supported featires and cost would be additional help. Perhaps providing a page with a table/format and allow the hostin sites to add to the table.

See w:Comparison of wiki farms, although this includes sites using various wiki software, not just MediaWiki. --Brian 00:31, 11 November 2007 (UTC)Reply

The first link in the "See Also", Wiki index, is now a general ads page unrelated to wikis. Could someone with access to this page please remove it?-- 03:42, 26 April 2007 (UTC)Reply directory - list of wikis

Wiki-site directory -
A directory of wikis at sorted by categories

Wiki-BDSM En español


Codequest -
Ejemplos de código fuente

MKE - Mažeikių krašto enciklopedija (Lithuanian - Lietuvių)

Mažeikių krašto enciklopedija

Non profits


In the

   * Special style sites
   * Biggest sites
   * Corporate users

You forgot non-profits. So maybe say corporate and non-profit, or institutional... Jidanni 05:14, 22 March 2009 (UTC)Reply

Indonesian Page


Ups, sorry. I was trying to be smart, I did not check this page before created this sub page: Sites using MediaWiki/id.

Please sort it properly, thank you.

A list of medical wikis


I created a list of medical wikis, most of the medical wikis are using MediaWiki system. feel free to add new medical wikis to the list.


WikiSkripta –
Storespace of e-learning materials for medical students from Czechia and Slovakia (in Czech and Slovak languages)

Uncyclopedia Using mediawiki


Uncyclopedia is part of Wikia.--Jasper Deng (talk) 19:48, 13 April 2012 (UTC)Reply

mediawiki haji and umroh


information for Hajj and Umrah travel

Creating a site with MediaWiki engine


How do you create a site using the MediaWiki Engine? Ismael755 (talk) 01:38, 17 February 2014 (UTC)Reply

See Manual:Installation_guide. You can also use a wiki host like wikia. πr2 (tc) 02:25, 17 February 2014 (UTC)Reply
Thanks, but I'm not here to create a wiki on a wiki farm. What I really want to create is a wiki that is also a social media, like Facebook, which would be a good idea. Ismael755 (talk) 02:57, 17 February 2014 (UTC)Reply
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