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Monaco is a fork of an old skin by Dantman. It has been forked multiple times and the most recently updated fork is usable by wfLoadSkin.
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Estado de lanzamiento: inestable
Descripción Porteado de la antigua apariencia de Wikia.
Licencia GNU Licencia Pública general 2.0 o más tarde
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Public wikis using 1,499 (Ranked 15th)
Public wikis using as default skin 216
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Monaco es una apariencia desarrollado originalmente por Wikia. Ha sido porteado y puede descargarse de aquí

The fork by James Haley lists these new additions:

  • A new Widgets framework which cooperates with Extension:Gadgets to allow sidebar content to be defined through the MediaWiki frontend.
  • Special support for Extension:FlaggedRevs and Extension:MobileFrontend when they are installed.
  • Wiki copyright notice is displayed in the footer of every page as with WikiMedia-maintained skins.
  • Numerous bug fixes to stylesheets, JavaScript, and php HTML generation.

Roger Meier took that work and says he has added these features:

  • First Version that support MediaWiki verison 1.31, but not tested
  • Implementation of extending the Sidebar Menu with User and Group Sidebar Elements like Extension "DynamicSidebar"

1.35 and 1.36 support was added by Universal Omega in the most recent fork.


Para agregarlo, instala el monaco-port en la carperta monaco que se encuentra en la carpeta skins. Desde la línea de comandos de la terminal podrás hacerlo primero usando el comando cd para cambiar a la carpeta skins de la instalación de Media Wiki. Ejecuta el comando "git clone git://github.com/Universal-Omega/Monaco.git Monaco".

Once you have done that, add wfLoadSkin( 'Monaco' ); to your LocalSettings.php.

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